Found this claw


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Found this claw

+1 assassin skills
40 ias
+3 wake of the inferno
+2 wake of fire
2 open sockets

I was wondering if I placed 2 fire 5/5 die facets in this claw would it help to increase my fire trap damage.

I was told by someone it won't.

will this also help to reduce an enemy's fire resist though???


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Traps are considered as minions, so no, the Facets won't help your Fire Traps, just like a griffon's eye does not increase the lighting dmg of traps.


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to my recollection the +% works but the -% does not, so yes faces work but only half effective in the sense of the effects you are probly thinking of.


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It works with Fireblast and Shock Web though, because those are "thrown" traps, and not traps that act on their own.