Found an Ethereal Hellslayer


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Found an Ethereal Hellslayer

...what do I do with it?

252% Enhanced Damage Based on Character Level (at lvl 84, it does 146-926)
lvl 19 Fireball
...and of course everything else


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keep it around as a curiosity. too sloooooooooooooow to be of any good really (esp cuz you can't shael it)


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You could use it on a Charge Paladin or some other character where speed is important, or use it as a keepsake. It is, as said, unfortunately too slow to be better than an IK Maul or similar weapon. It is kind of pretty though :)

Good luck.


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Oh yeah, I think I've heard of Blade skill Assassins using Hellslayers. Check out that possibility; I don't know much about it.

Act 4 Merc=Necro of some sort. Know why? Here:

Act 1: Amazon
Act 2: Paladin
Act 3: Sorceror/ess
Act 5: Barbarian

All the original classes are represented except for Necros. So, in typical fashion, the pasty guys got shafted out of a job. If there was an act 4 merc, it would be a necro, though, with Bone Spear and a few different curses act 2 merc style, if I had my way.


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Titan Maul Werebear with Shockwave.

Have a switch of B-Star for PIs and for charging Maul.

I had this build planned in 1.09, but ran out of time... still possible in 1.10

Just go for Max damage.