Forum Mafia Signup - BORDERLANDS.

Caluin Graye

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Let's give Silver Shroud a break on running games. I'll take next.

This will be Borderlands themed. I know this has been said before, but seriously - you do not need any prior knowledge of Borderlands to enjoy this game.

Seriously. I mean it this time.

This game will employ only standard roles.

This game will be slightly "rude mode", as in there will be unpredictable mechanics that may or may not impact the game in large ways. I trust that all players can respect that I have run multiple games and have experience in controlling said events and no unfair advantage will be given to either the mafia or the town (or any third parties).

Zemaj has offered to help me co-host. I do not think I'll need his help after all, but I wanted to give a shout out for his kind offer.

Other things as I think of them. I'll leave sign ups open for a couple weeks to give people time to filter in. Let's tentatively say start date will be on the 4th because bored now.

Player List:
1. DiabloTwoinDC
2. Silver Shroud
3. Noodle
4. Scott Berland
5. Mr. Torgue (eeeehhhh...)
6. Zemaj
7. Bad Ash
8. mrewak
9. thefranklin
10. Coju
11. IronArrow
12. Noammr
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Coming to you live from the Noodle Compound, sources are announcing that Noodle will play.

Brought to you by the Rug Council of America.

Mr. Torgue

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Leopold Stotch

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Sorry, guys, but now that school has started, the semester will time consuming. Which sucks because . . .

I personally wanted to explode. The video accurately describes my sadness. XD

I'll be a spectator!! Good luck, guys!! /wave


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Now that school has started, I will have to pass time not playing games. In for explosions!

Thanks CG for the organize/host.