Forum Mafia Game Thread


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1) Do not discuss the game outside the game thread unless otherwise allowed in your role PM.
2) Only post if you are alive and it is day time, unless otherwise allowed in your role PM.
3) Do not edit, delete, or otherwise alter posted content.
4) Avoid discussing communications with the moderator in the game thread. Do not directly quote moderator communications or role PMs.
5) Players may vote however many times they wish each day. The player with the most votes at the end of the day is lynched. Majority is not required for a lynch to go over.

Player List:
1. @The Silver Shroud
2. @DiabloTwoinDC
3. @Noodle
4. @Zarniwoop
5. @Mr_Thingyman
6. @Prestige7
7. @Caluin Graye
8. @Leopold Stotch
9. @Kiba
10. @Drixx

The setup will be Closed 10p. There will only be one mafia faction, no neutrals.

Day Start/End: 11pm EST
Day/Night Times: 48h/24h
Lynch: Day ends at majority. If majority is reached, do not post during twilight. The player with the most votes will be lynched at the end of day. Ties decided via RNG.
Mafia Chat: The mafia may chat at any time.
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As the sun rose over the horizon, people began to leave their homes for the day. However, in the middle of the town, Mantichora's body was laying on the ground. Who would perpetuate such a heinous crime? Why would they kill kind, innocent, handsome Mantichora in such a grisly way?

The people of the town set out, looking for answers.

Day One begins.


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Woot woot. Let's hunt some scum. :)

FYI - I am in UTC +8:00 time zone, with spotty internet connection. I will try to post regularly. But, may not be be able to respond immediately to questions.


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Hey guys!

I am UTC+1 here, I think. From Denmark.

Looking forward to playing my first game here with you guys.

With 10 players, I'd expect us to be up against 2 mafiosos. So let's hunt those down, shall we? :D


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2v8 isn't quite mountainous ... and there are roles. Should assume 3 until proven otherwise I think.


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If there are 3 mafiosos, then that gives us only 1 mislynch.

It'd go 10 > 8 > 6. So if we mislynch today with 3 mafiosos, then tomorrow we're at 8 and we HAVE to lynch a mafioso (or well, we can choose to no lynch, of course, but we still only have 1 mislynch to play with).

I'd be VERY shocked if there were 3 mafiosos :p


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To kickstart the game somehow, I will vote The Silver Shroud

That is maybe not how you vote here though :D


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Typical day 1. Checking in. Ankeli isn't playing so I don't have my no-brainer day 1 vote at the ready.

Noodle will say almost nothing, Silver will pick someone and be quite belligerent towards them, I'll get disproportionately angry at someone and Leo will post about a pair of nylons she threw at a busboy.

Why Silver thingy?

Also, I don't know if Mantichora has vote rules, but on this forum we typically vote in the following way:

Vote: Playername

Caluin Graye

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On vacation this week (spring break) so phone posting until Sunday.

Vote: Drixx

Classic scum move signing up at the very last moment.


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It's been a long time. Glad to be back in the "game". Good to see some familiar "faces" back in the fold.

Let's hunt some scum!!


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OMGUS you suck Caluin Graye!

Vote: Caluin Graye

Also ... upon reflection (and realizing the neg utility of my role), I agree with the reasoning behind assuming 2 scums. Also Mr_Thingyman is probably town for that response.


Keep in mind the rules say the day ends at 11:00 PM eastern STANDARD time, not eastern daylight time. Your watch/clock may not be accurate.


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Keep in mind the rules say the day ends at 11:00 PM eastern STANDARD time, not eastern daylight time. Your watch/clock may not be accurate.
I see you posting trying to seem helpful but not actually contributing to the game Noodle. I see you clearly.