Forum Game?


Forum Game?


Amidst the boredom of summer vacation, I was wondering if anyone wanted to play a forum game again. Not the really spammy one but that one game we had where you would kill someone by posting...I forgot, something with 'poison dagger' and stuff. I just don't remember how the logistics went as far as assigning people and stuff. I also forgot who started it, so if anyone knows how to play or how to get it going and feels like it...then I would much appreciate it because I am bored.



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That game got a little annoying because it spammed up the forums, and every single post had "poison dagger" written somewhere in it. But it definitely beats "the person above me" threads.


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If that stupid ****ing game starts again I'm avoiding the OTF at all costs. I can only deal with so much idiocy in any given day.


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Yes, very annoying. At least with the "Above me" and similar threads the spamming and annoyance is kept in one thread.