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Sorry i have looked around and cant make out whether fort adds to smite. Some say yes some say no. Anyways, does the 300%ed add to smite damage(and is it alot?)?
Also, i cant decide whether to equip coh or fort for pvp. Wut would u guys suggest?


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yes it does add to your smite damage (but the lying char screen would not show the added damage), but 300% is not really alot consider if you use enigma, you have around 70 str (which turns into 70% ed), +2 skills (which turns into 30% ed from smite and 34% ed from fanat aura and around addittional +8 shield damage). Which turns out to be 70+ 30+ 34= 134%ed
Which will be 300-134= 166% actual damage increase for the cost of lower mobility, in pvp mobility >>>> damage. esp in MANY duels you will need tele smiting. and of course, when you got iron maiden and bone prisoned by a nec, you will die if your smiter use fort.


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There's only ONE armor for a smiter in a pvp environment, Enigma.
Couldent agree more, fort offers a littel higher dmg, very littel in fact.
With enigma you can use base str or allmost base str, depending on your items and stillmuse CoA, and thats just so much better than shako!
1 all skills 15dr 30 res 2 socket and 30FHR!!!! what more could you dream of?
i socket mine with Ber+Shael.

Enigma all the way!