Fort armor question


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Fort armor question

I wanted to know something about the fort armor, does the 300ed dmg really effects the normal dmg that I got. For example if i do 2.7k dmg would i do 8.1k dmg now? or what?? will it ed my wp or what?

And also how much would a decent fort armor cost me? 2 hr?

Eilo Rytyj

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The 300% is counted as off-weapon enhanced damage. It's added directly to the +ed% from skills and strength/dexterity.

For example, on a Zealot:
150 strength = 150% enhanced damage
Zeal = 250% enhanced damage
Fanaticism = 350% enhanced damage
Total before Fortitude = 750% enhanced damage
Fortitude = 300% enhanced damage
Grand Total = 1050% enhanced damage

Say that you have a weapon with 294-317 damage.
With the above example you do 2500-2700 damage before Fortitude.
You would do about 3380-3645 damage after equipping Fortitude.

Those are just some rough figures, but it gives you an idea on how it works.

As for the price: It depends on the realm. Check the trade value forums.