Forsty Oddness and a couple pally ?'s


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Frosty Oddness and a couple pally ?'s

first thing for me tonight- i shattered one of those guys tied to a pole in hell. Is that a common occurence for any of you?

i thin they are called trapped souls. they are in the M.E. mod they are anyway.

So i'm playing my first paladin build (aka Dunadan) and i have a couple questions about pally skill behaivor.

I've looked up some posts and know that the charge can result in getting stuck but so:

in d2 vanilla, is charge viable at higher levels? after getting into Hell (Valar) difficulty, CB and magik damage seem to be the real ass kickers, so i'm experimenting with Charge and Fist(ing) of the Heavens with Holy Freeze to make slamming everyone to death a viable tactic.

Second, it seems that when i get CB'd from say, one of those serpent folk, Charge shoots me off in reverse until i click on a new spot- then charge works again. Is that a bug too or a safety feature?

Sacrafising the lamb and burning incense at the SPF oracle,

Gravity ;)


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Charge does indeed deal a lot of damage, depending on the weapon. The problem, of course, is that it only attacks one enemy, and you can't "spam" or use it constantly because you have to be further than melee range to use it.

Ditto with FoH. Unless you're attacking a bunch of undead, FoH only hits one enemy and you can't spam it (not that you'd be able to for long before your mana runs out) because of its delay.

For PvP I'd say a Charge + FoH pally is a bad idea. Combine one of them with zeal or blessed hammer and I think you'd be fine.


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hey essojay- thanks for the response.

yeah- i certainly see your experiencing your points. but, i'm gonna keep trying. I did neglect to mention that i do use Zeal some, but for now, the massive unique hammer i'm sporting just deals more damage. that should change around lvl 49.

It's working well, however and i am trying to get good at bouncing from far target to far target as opposed to (come to find out) how i typically approach combat, which is whoever's close is next to get some. i'm getting better; some battles go off like a choreographed pinball sequence and there's nothing more satisfying that bashing all those monsters who at one time or another have really it stuck it to whatever build i'm using. So rethinking your whole approach to a fight has been interesting to say the least. whole point of new builds- just ask um..farting bob i think it is- always making or at least theorizing on new builds. he proposed one- the swinging ball sorc using frost nova and nova str8 up..with the modified math, many lower skills become more feasible than in vanilla, and since i just (couple months?) started the M.E. mod, i still need a sorc (my MF'er's a Nec, which, again with the new math uses a thorn merc and Iron Maiden to grind through everything- %500 MF *slaps knee* and believe me- it's deliciously sweet to use IM as all my melee builds take it from um..OK's in Vanilla). So maybe i'll make that sorc and name her FartingBalls.

Ever experience the bugs i mentioned? Shattering a totured soul or charging backward after getting CB'd (which, cosmically enough has saved me a few times)?

EDIT: and oh yeah- never played a pally in vanilla, but the casting delay of Fist is gone in the mod and it deals both Magik and lightning.


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gravitysrainbow said:
Ever experience the bugs i mentioned? Shattering a totured soul or charging backward after getting CB'd (which, cosmically enough has saved me a few times)?
Yep. I'm pretty sure I've shattered Act 2 lightning spires too. :)

There are 4 Charge bugs I know about: the one where you get stuck, the backwards running thing, one where Charge just stops doing anything at all, and one where the hit animation stutters for about 5 seconds before anything moves again. I finally took Charge off my hotkeys :(