forst amma help


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forst amma help

hi all

1. i want to devlop frost amma for uber and dont how to devlop and what i looked in guides and didnt understand (can fost amma do uber?) help anyone?
i had strafer+faith didnt liked it one bit very bed against uber would ice would be better if not there is no need to devlop these charc (only for uber charc i need)

2. what gear would i use expect the ice rw(price is not importent)?

3. what merc whould i use(i thought freeze act 2 merc with eth ca/cv/thresher doom) or better infinty or pride or maybe merc 1 with faith?


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I assume you mean a Frost Amazon, honestly your post is rather hard to read. I have one myself but it's a bit specialized in it's purpose.

I don't think a Frost Amazon can do über (ofc I guess it CANbe done with any char used by some skilled guy with a lagfree connection and lots of spare time...)

Freezing arrows are a Cold based attack and ubertrist is full of immune guys, also it's not the best bosskiller at all, tbh it's a crab when killing bosses - my lvl 89 one struggles at Baal... For uber three you will need a char with High Crushing blow Life tap and a fast attack to apply them. (summoners can do ubertrist aswell)

If you plan to be using the Ice RW I see no reason to use a Freeze merc (especially one with Doom!) as your bow adds lvl 18 Holy Freeze aura to yourself. I would rather suggest Might Merc (Pride or Infy or simply a Heavy damaging weapon...) or a Rogue Merc w Faith. But the Act2 ones might be prefered for tanking...

Build is rather similar to one of the witchyzon builds over here...
Max Freezing Arrow
Max the synergy adding dmg
Either 20 Strafe or 10~Multishot
20 Valkyrie
Rest into passives