Fordyl Reaches 99 - The End of a Journey and the Beginning of Another


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Prior warning, this is going to be soppy and disgusting. Stay with me though, there is a reason.
Before I joined this forum and during my initial years here I was going through my teenage years, and I was ill, so very ill. I was also pretty immature and by my own admission I have not always been a stand up citizen within this community, but I like to think that I have grown to be so. I joined this forum six years ago. Honestly, those years are fuzzy, but I think it was not long after joining the forum (not blaming the forum :p) that I reached the lowest point in my struggle with mental health. I had been self harming for years and ultimately had a couple of suicide attempts and a stay in a lovely little psychiatric ward. I actually had a bed next to Jesus, which was cool. Anyway, I slowly began the slow process of getting my life together and began to attend night classes, obtaining straight A's in biology and chemistry whilst doing some part time work. I then went to college and studied biomedical science for two years before heading to university, with direct entry into third year. On 3/7/17 I will begin my first professional research project under the supervision of a leading figure in my field at a prestigious cancer research institute, before returning to fourth year of university. After that, I hope to complete my PhD in cancer immunotherapy, secure a good postdoc position and contribute to the expansion of knowledge and the design of new cancer treatments. In that time there was a relationship, the loss of my best friend, she was a dog, but she was still my best friend for 19 years. I got into running and was qualifying for championships when my current ill health popped up. The point is, I was terribly low and now I feel terribly high in life. I feel like I've just reached the peak of a mountain, only to discover that through the snowstorm there is a greater mountain just ahead, begging to be climbed. I shall climb it. Soppy part over(ish), now the explanation for why it was important.

Five years ago on 19/11/12, Fordyl became a Patriarch. Fordyl has finally reached level 99, marking the end of a journey. Diablo has also been a mainstay in my life and my best coping method. During those years of piecing my life together, Fordyl has slowly creeped towards completion. As I reached milestones, so did Fordyl. As I grew in confidence, my confidence in Fordyl reaching 99 increased too. How apt that he should hit 99 just as I begin my new journey, almost as if his journey was perfectly in step with mine.

The thing is though, I have not done this alone. Through the dark times this forum has also been a mainstay for me, even when I did not deserve it's faith. The forum accepted me back after my misdeeds, often it was a lifeline during those times. The forum has been with me through it all, encouraging me, supporting me and accepting me. None of you will ever know quite how dramatic an effect you have had on my life. Likewise, the forum has been there for Fordyl as he began to cash his pension. Giving me competition, words of encouragement and advice.

I am making a record here, that Fordyl reaching 99 is a representation of incredibly community here in the SPF. This entire community has contributed to the completion of this project, whether intentionally or not. Thank you very much, for everything xx

An extra special thank you to @Thyiad.

The character himself!

Fordyl started off as a Travincal runner but ended up as a 99er. I'm not sure when that decision was actually made, but I suspect that @Cyrax had something to do with it... He died once, possibly twice. Including one at 98, which hurt. He very nearly died on my second last run ;) Originally he was running full clear P8 chaos runs, with some decent MF. I think it was halfway from 98 to 99 that I started running P1 seals and P7 Diablo, with all of my MF swapped out for life and DR.

If you have any questions, please do ask! Its hard to know what to say if I'm honest, so ask away.


Final equipment:
Helmet - Shako 'Ber'
Armour - Enigma BP
Weapon - HotO [email protected]
Shield - Spirit 35fcr in a [email protected] SR
Belt - Arach
Gloves - Trang's
Boots - Hotspur
Amulet - Maras
Ring 1 - BK
Ring 2 - Fcr/str/life/res rare

Merc - Ethereal reaper's/Kira's/GA

LB skillers x4 - 16/18/25/34 life
Multiple life/res charms



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Very inspirational, Kitteh! While I wasn't around during your 'formative' years in the SPF, I can honestly say that the level of integrity and thoughtfulness I feel from you is something to aspire toward. From your progress on this project, to your postings in the Daily, many hearts. And congratulations, hero!

And now back to LK to get that last vex I need to continue progessing on my own 99er....


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Congratulations on the 99er! And, while I haven't been around either. I know what it's like to deal with mental illness. Diablo was always a nice distraction/mind occupier for me as well. Glad to hear how SPF community often provides support to different members! :)

Also, I took notice of your very peculiar inventory arrangement.. :p

Just saying: 4 grand charms + 4 grey small, or 4 brown small .. OCD OCD OCD .. :D


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Very nice! Of course, big congrats on hitting 99. But I think the beginning of the post merits even more affirmation. I've lurked for a while and only been active for a bit, but it's great to see how this community can support its members. It sounds like a good summer ahead. Best of luck on the next journey!


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Thank you very much guys, greatly appreciated :) The actual moment of dinging 99 was slightly anti-climatic, I was kind of expecting balloons and confetti to shoot from the ceiling etc!

@DiabloTwoinDC I know, I just could NOT arrange them in a way that I was happy with haha My best charms were all different skins :(


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I am making a record here, that Fordyl reaching 99 is a representation of incredibly community here in the SPF. This entire community has contributed to the completion of this project, whether intentionally or not. Thank you very much, for everything xx
In that case i'm gonna claim this one as my 4,5th 99-er. Or more like 4,001 given how many people i'd have to share it with. :rolleyes:

Thank you very much guys, greatly appreciated :) The actual moment of dinging 99 was slightly anti-climatic, I was kind of expecting balloons and confetti to shoot from the ceiling etc!
Don't tell anyone i said this, but this is going to be in the 1.15 patch.

I'm just generally surprised you can live with an inventory organisation like you have. I think you should fix that before we count Fordyl as a proper 99-er.

Any plans on making another one?


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Congrats on hitting 99! And thank you for sharing such a personal story. It's great to see this forum work as a force for good and self-help.

Also as a current late end postdoc, you've indeed got another big hill in front of you. Good luck in climbing that one!


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Amazing, great writeup! So glad to see he made it, I really enjoyed following the last portion of his journey. Huge congrats Kitteh!


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Major congrats Kitteh!!! Also for the 99er ;).

Glad to hear you are feeling so well. Even despite your current physical issues.

Btw, any list of all HRs you found, by any chance?

Which character will you be taking to 99 next?


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Haha, I'm looking for are to that, but I need to get my PhD done first! Also, I apologise for the inventory, so shameful :( No plans for another. I am playing the next ladder online, and after that I want to complete my grail. It should be just Astreons and Spirit Keeper, but I somehow lost my metalgrids... After summer I will restart completely on hardcore and play loads of different builds, I think haha

Glad you all enjoyed it :). No list of finds, but I did find a lot of high runes. I also found Tyraels, two griffons I think and quite a few of my nicer skillets. Other stuff, but I can't be sure what haha. I have found ohm, lol and bee in the last month.


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What an awesome story! I too have battled mental illness, and to some extent still do. I was diagnosed with bi-polar almost two years ago, but now being properly medicated, life is better than ever.

Diablo is a very good companion, when things are not working out for you. Congratulations with the 99 Hammerdin :)


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I understood that mental health was rife, but it still surprised me how common mental health problems are within our community here. In the last year or so, it has really been a big topic of conversation here and I like that. We aren't just brought together by Diablo anymore, there are so many things that we share.


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Great post and inspiring story. Congratz on the 99, but more importantly, congrats on your personal achievements.

Now I'm going to kill Pindleskin as many time as possible to get my mind off things. I agree D2 is therapeutic in some strange way. Maybe it's the nostalgia.

But that inventory. HOW does that organization not bother you??? :p


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I think that I just grew accustomed to it :p It is really the only explanation that I can think of!


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Congrats on 99 man, and managing to keep your poop together. I can't even begin to think of how many times this game has helped me through tough times.
Good luck in your hardcore endeavors, both in-game and in real life.