For Ubers - Do you really need to hit IAS BP?


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For Ubers - Do you really need to hit IAS BP?

I've read a number of threads talking about different equip to get to certain breakpoints but am wondering if I NEED to get to any of them to do the Ubers.

For example, I'm using a Grief BA with 38%IAS on it and plan on running Salvation while fighting Meph. If I don't add any other IAS from my equipment my smite frame rate will be higher than I'd like but with life tap going and my 2.5k smite damage per smite, each hit will give me like 1.25k in life back. Will I really see my life go down too fast simly cuz I didn't hit the better frame rates?

Is it just recommended to get to the better smite frame rate or do you actually NEED it?


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You probably don't absolutely need it but it certainly helps a lot. Your life will be bouncing around like crazy and the faster you hit the faster you'll get that life back. I would suggest finding the extra ias you need to hit the last frame.


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If I'm using the weapon speed calculator correctly, this is where I'll be at using my Grief BA:

Against Meph while using Salvation

Grief 38%
IAS Jewel 15%
Total 53%

This puts me at a 8 frame smite for Meph

Against Diablo/Baaal with level 20 Fanatacism

Grief 38%
IAS Jewel 15%
Fanatacism 35%
Total **%

This puts me at a 7 frame smite.

If I'm reading the calculator right, it would take another 92% to get to the next bp which doesn't seem practical given my set-up.

If I get the life tap on and keep it on, whether I hit 3.1 times a sec or 3.5 times a sec shouldn't make a big difference.


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Do not use a Grief BA to smite meph. You might end up breaking the weapon in midsmite. Remember that it takes a hell alot of smites to kill meph and other ubers. Get a grief pb instead.

As for breakpoints: this are the ones with fana for BA.

Zeal: 60 ias with BA for 4 frame zeal
Smite: 34 ias with BA for 6 frame smite

That's it.

The weapon speed calculator speed is alittle outdated.


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grief phase for pvm
grief ba for pvp

For uber mephi you have to get grief phase or another weapon that has enough ias on weapon to hit 6fpa smite with fana just so you can get res/cb on the rest of your gear (mainly res)
Besides that phase, make sure you have enough res to counter mephi's conviction without the salvation, i've got 71/75/90/75 res with that conviction while i'm still using fana and my life bulb doesnt go up and down that fast anymore.

answer to your question :
9 fpa smite = 2.7 attacks per second
8 fpa smite = 3.1 attacks per second
7 fpa smite = 3.5 attacks per second
6 fpa smite = 4.1 attacks per second

The difference between 8fpa smite 6fpa smite is one extra attack in a split second that WILL save your life unless you got over 3k life and with uberkilling gear its not that easy getting 3k so i suggest getting 6fpa and enough res to not need salvation.