For pvp orb sorc what helm?


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i am in doubt of using nightwings vs a 3 cold 20 fcr 2 s circlet. It is for my orb es prebuff pvp sorc with max blick. Incredibly annoying, impossible to kill lol.

20cold -5 res
2 skills

3 skills
10 cold -10 res
Allows me to use frostburns as glives to immensly bump my

Is the damage loss with the circlet ( if any?) worth it? It allows for frostburns. With double soj thatll be sick.

Setup would be

3/20/2 double cold facet
2 sorc 15fcr amu
Death fantom facet
Viper facet
30/20/3 sock shield with facet(doubt to be lucky enough o get 4 s)
Double soj
Some craft caster boot