Fools claws question


Fools claws question

i asked the same question on assasin forum but answers werent to clear and 100% sure for me, thats why i do it here also

link to thread on this forum -->

i bought fools claw in runic talons without any ias on it (so ias -30)

my second claw is chaos also in runic talons

1)in which slot should i put fools and which chaos to get maximal trap lying speed and ar
2)does ar from fools claw goes to both claws or only to that with bonus ?
3) do i have max trap speed with such claws and fade ? if not what will be it 10fpa or 11 ?


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1) I Don't know.
2) Attack bonuses on weapons apply only to the specific weapon. AR on one claw will apply to attacks with that claw only.
3) I Don't know.