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Follower 20 mil+ AOE DPS. Turn your follower from an unity mule into a BEAST

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by TactikEndGame, Nov 12, 2014.

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    Sep 1, 2014
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    Hey guys! I finally made a video about my " misterious" templar from the videos. It's no rocket science again, but I figured since I cannot focus on stats and the limited item slots make them so bad, I figured it's more important to aim for as many procs as possible and scale them with the + weapon damage from the weapon.

    So here's the video for it with all the info and proof of the damage ticks and procs:

    Keep in mind the damage we get out of this test is even without any other damage debuffs or so on, so it can be alot higher.

    Since all those items had great procs but most of them relied on the user to be in melee range or hitting the wielder, it was clear to me that the templar is most suited for the best option. The passives are another great advantage the templar brings to the table, but let's highlight the specific gear used for this kind of follower:

    Thunder Fury (+ Weapon damage )

    One of the most important proc based item, I can see my templar getting even 2 consecutive procs in less than a second from it, it will hit 5 targets and the average hit is 2 mil. The crowd control efect is not to ignore too, 30% AS and MS is nice to have.

    372% max proc damage.

    Defender of Westmarch ( coupled with the templar taunt skill)

    The proc is hard to see, but it's out there and it can proc a lot of times, especially on big packs, this is a great item to have on this build.

    400% max weapon damage.

    Moonlight Ward ( it's great since the templar will go in melee range on mobs)

    This is hard to obtain for non-wizard players. Try inviting wizard friends to give you one when it drops, or spend bloodshards on a wizard alt to obtain it.
    The item is worth having+ it's fun to watch it in action.

    320% max weapon damage

    Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band ( again, always in melee, always good value out of it)

    I've tested it on GR 30 only and it ticks for 15 mil on all around, it might be higher on higher health pools.The most important item you can have on higher GRs. I even have a useless stat ( CHD ) on it, and it's still great to have.

    2000% max weapon damage ( depending on the HP pool of the targets)

    I've tested this as u can see in the video on GR 30, and if you add up the numbers you get over 20 mil damage aoe from it, and I don't even have amaxing rolls on those items. I recommend you guys to aim for this setup, you will feel they are not a burden or just an unity mule.
    The maximum proc weapon damage gets up to 3100% aoe, not bad I would say,

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