foh'er info plz


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foh'er info plz

hi all

just wondering wot would be a good weapon for a foh pally pvm or pvp
idea's were
cresentmoon r/w

if any one got any idea's plz post

thx in advance :thumbsup:


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pure foh'ers require insanely expensive gear. weapon would include:

25/25 +3 foh +3 conviction sceptor (this cost is insane)


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25/25 +3 foh +3 conviction sceptor (this cost is insane)[/QUOTE]
what do u mean 25/25??
im only building this char as there not much left to do on d2 to keep me ocupied so i like to build all different char's to see how good they are and for the fun of just something to do.
most of the time i just move my gear around to new char's so the cost isn't so high.
usual gear is eni/coh hoto shako zaka/storm(depends) treks/war trav arach bk's and so on so as then if i dont like it there nothing lost.....

does cresentmoon r/w -35% light work as it says or just from a normal attack point of view..


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that would meant a sceptor with 5 slots with +3 foh &conviction.. 25/25 would be 5 prefect light facets