It helps when trying to not get hit, a lot.

48% breakpoint or 75% breakpoint are good. 125% is overboard, and 30% sometimes isn't enough.
xxtallxx said:
what gear u use to reach the 75% cast rate?
Lots of options:
Wiz Spike, Suicide Branch, Heart of the Oak (30-50%)
Magefists, Trangs gloves (20%)
Arachnid Mesh (20%)
rare 10% rings
magical / rare / crafted 10-20% ammy
Vipermagi (30%)
rare / magical circlet (20%)
Lidless (30% I think)

forgetting some I think.
Well ima have to disagree on that one [:lol:]

I did some testing with fcr and FOH and its not enough of a difference to worry about it. Just use the items you use - and chances are you will get a lil anyways.
Just my opinion, and since my opinion is one of a pala who pvp'd a LOT in 1.09 with 30%, 48%, 75% foh casting speeds vs. zons, ww tweaker barbs, necros (need FAST cast there now), and chargers... my opinion's pretty valid.


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i agree with v/t seems fine usin foh w/o fcr and i dont think there is much of a diff with that 1 sec delay..