foh setup


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foh setup

could someone give me an idea of a good foh setup for duels and in idea of the value of some items for useast ladder

im thinkin

+3 foh stick 25/-25 (value in hrs?)
hi griffs with facet (value?)
nigma vs coh?
2 soj/bk
maras (value of a 25?)
shield - hoz or 20/-20 pally shield? (value?)
gloves - no idea
belt - arach?


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i cant help you with prices but i can help with choices of gear

if you can afford it a +3foh/+3convict 25/25 war scepter is the best weapon
i am not sure the diff in dmg between the hoz and 20/20 pally shield of deflecting... but a hoz is prolly 1/10th of the price.

armor: for pvp there is no other choice besides nigma ... tele FTW

treks/waterwalks/hotspurs for diff fights

1soj/1bk (good mix of life and mana)

mara 25 is around 5 hrs

gloves: bloodfists (fhr boost/life) double upped

belt: i think dungos would be a better choice because fcr is unnecessary for FoH. maybe having both and testing what you prefer as both of good mods. if you need to get the 86fhr bp, then dungo. if you need to tele faster and do more dmg then arach. also put a tgod and snowclash in stash.

hope i helped