foh pala for pvm


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foh pala for pvm

i havent found much about this one, except some "not so great"s. now im wondering how bad it really is.

i was planning something along the following:

- foh and both synergies (holy bolt, holy shock) maxed
- enough conviction for lvl 25 after +skills
- rest into holy shield

the first approach should be rather cheap.
- double spirit, shako, vipermagi, silkweaves, frostburns ...

- act 3 either cold (with voice of reason?) or lightning (with crescent moon)

primary target area would be chaos sanctuary (two third undeads)

what do you think?


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Re: foh pala for pvm

If your merc can survive cs then it might work, in other places u will kill superslow imo


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Re: foh pala for pvm

You simply won't kill fast enough for FoH to be effective, if it wasn't for that delay... Anyway FoH just comes with too low damage and is too slow to be used effectively.


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Re: foh pala for pvm

As stated, the biggest problem is that FoH is not a fast attack. You may be able to dish out decent damage but you won't be able to do it quickly enough when groups of enemies are engaged.