Focus on 1 bone skill ??


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Focus on 1 bone skill ??

Im not too sure if i should put ma skill points into bone wall or if i should keep puttin my skillz into bone armour till i get bone prison..

I also wna know if its worth puttin points into bone spear,or should i jus put 1 point in and put tha rest into bone spirit...

Mad Mantis

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First read the guides. And, as it'll say, pumping into BA synergies is better than pumping BA itself.


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Sigh..... read the last thread as well.
Follow advice shown on last post. Just max out ALL of the bone synergies, that is...
20 Teeth
20 Bone Spear
20 Bone Wall
20 Bone Spirit
Then put..
1 Corpse Explosion'
1 Bone Armor
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Mastery
1 Summon Resist
4 Curses down to Decriptify
That takes you to lvl 98 (eek), remeber to max out teeth last, o, and if your planning on PVP, skip curses completely for more dmg.