Fo/Blizz Sorc


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Fo/Blizz Sorc

Would a FO/Blizz Sorc be viable for pvp?
20 Bolt
20 Blast
1 Glacier
20 Blizzard
20 Orb
20 Cold mastery
1 Static
1 Warmth
Rest Into Tele Port

Eq dueling wise:
NightWing (cold facet)/Shako (Ptopaz MF)
Mara's/FCR +2 ammy
COH (Dueling)/Skullders (MF)
DeathFathom (Cold Facet)/Occy (ist) MF
Lidless(pdiamond resist)/Maybe Stormie unsure
2 Sojs

Str: Low
Dex: not sure if max block yet
Vite: rest of points
Eng: Base

Theory would be since blizz is ranged use orb to take care of range problem and with enough damage from +skill and cold facet/-resist it would be viable in pvp. post yoru thoughts.


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yes thay are if you are not going up vs some 1 with full absorb. i have a sorc like this, i made her a few months ago, and she is 1 of the funnest builds i have ever used. in pvp u have FO, blizzard and the best skill to use, ice blast. ice blast will be doing almost the same dmg as blizzard and if u target some 1 u can cast a lot in lil time for a lot of dmg, blizzard makes as a good defensive skill and ice blast and fo are good offensive skills, so u have the best of the cold tree in ur hands. but u will need at least 30% or more cold ed to get the needed power

gl&hf :)


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I would recommend both, if possible without sacrifing too many item slots. However, IMO, blocking is the better out of the two. If you can block an attack, that means you won't be taking in any damage anyways. Also, Blocking is really helpful against enemies such as Charger Paladins. DR won't help you much there because if they can hit you, you'll be stunned, and they'll be chargng you ove and over again. Also, if they get a successful hit, you'll probably die one hit anyways.


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Obviously Whistans has the higher chance to block, but Visc. also has the +1 skill. Visc. has a much lower blocking rate, and a little lower blocking speed also. If the skills dont matter much to you, I would definately pick Whistans for the block (block is your main objective here anyways).


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yes block is what every character should have, after you get relly into dueling u find its 1 of the best survival abilitys if u are going to duel all classes. imo whitstans with sheal or ber is best, u get the next block speed or dr like that, and i find it helps. with whitstans you will only need about 180 dex fr max block at 95 or so. at least 25%dr will do, more is better, and as well as def. with a low str req armor, def on coh maybe rather low, just something u may want to look at

gl :D