fleshripper question


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that is a good weapon for blade fury sin, daggerzon, poisonb dagger necro.
i have used this even on my hammerdin to smite baal.
that's for SP. on b-net you'll have lot of 1337 RW so it's a crap item


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I use mine (Shaeled) on my assasin on my Dtalon Switch, works very well for that purpose. While using Blade Fury I tend to use another weapon though for it's higher dmg...


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I've been using this weapon on my ÃœberKiller for some time on the beginning of the Ladder season (before I managed to build myself an eDeath BA).

It's a very nice weapon for fast smiting. It's cheap, has very nice mods, is very fast, and is even good-looking :grin:. I definitely love this weapon.


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Before i got rich, i used as my Smiter weapon of tool. It has a wealth of some of the nastiest mods ever. In fact I am thinking of personalizing it soon. :D