Five PVP Werebear Druid Questions.


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Five PVP Werebear Druid Questions.

Hey forum members. I'm new to this forum and I have some questions about Werebear Druids and how effective they are in PvP.

1) Can this build be good for PvP? If so, what classes can the Werebear beat, and what classes does the Werebear not stand a chance against?

2) Whats better for PvP; a Werebear specializing in fire claws, or a Werebear specializing in physical attacks like Shockwave, Maul, and Hunger, plus having high level Oak Sage, Werebear, and Lycanthropy?

3) Should I get a two handed weapon, or should I get a one handed weapon with a Stormshield and max block?

4) Can Druids teleport (with Enigma armour) in their shape shifted forms?

5) Does faster cast rate effect Maul, and Hunger? Or does it only effect Shockwave?

Thats all for now, can I please get everyones answers and opinions?


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1.) Yes the build can be good, but like all melee, you face sometimes uphill battles vs casters.

2.) I would go for fire claws..9k+dmge and you hit crazy fast.

3.) For fireclaws, get a 6 socketed phase blade and either put 6xshael runes in it or 4xshael runes and 2x15% increased attack speed//2ndary mod jewels. Just make sure the phase gets at least 110% increased attack speed to swing like a mad man. Since fire claws is fire damage, the physical damage on the phase blade is irrelevant. I heavily suggest that you max block, in fact it would be crazy not to. Not only does it save your rear in melee, but it will help your attack rating.

4.) No, you cannot tele in werebear or werewolf form. The advantage of still using enigma would be the +skills and str points in order to invest more into vita. Chains of Honor would also be a good choice if you lack resistance.

5.) I am not aware of any physical or melee skill that faster cast rate plays a part in, so I would say no.

There is also a fireclaws guide in the druid forums that I would suggest you take a look at.


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Thanks for the answer. But even though the fire claw Werebear seems alot better, I still got a question for the... non-fire claw Werebear; Should I get max block and a one handed weapon with this type of build as well? Or should I use a two handed weapon with this type of build?


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1. Yep, its good. However, physical damage maulers are godawful expensive to make and even harder to play. Fireclaws bears are reasonably cheap, though. Werebears are one of the better melee classes for taking down offensive casters. wait till they teleport up, hit them with a shockwave, and then stun the hell out of them with maul. a caster that can't get away/hit back is a very dead caster.

2. Physical, although lower damage, is often better for pvp. You can't completely negate it like you can the much higher damage fireclaws.

3. what sub said

4. nope

5. faster cast rate effects shifting time and shockwave. some can be good as a physical mauler for pvp. don't sacrifice other mods for it, though. also, increased attack rates are different for hunger than fireclaws or maul. It would be wise to go to the druid forum and play with thedragoon's ias calc stickied there.

on a side note, I play physical damage maulers, and yes, they can be highly effective. godawful hard to win vs. a zealot, though.

in respose to your second post, always get block as pvp. you will want a range 5 two handed option for certain duels, though. it helps a lot vs. casters and taking them down, especially since druids get speed help for 2 handers (gt/gpa is best).



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Alright last question:

Is the "Famine" runeword with a Berserker axe a good runeword for the physical attacking Werebear? I like it because of the high damage percentage added, the elemental and magic damage, and the "ignore targets defence".


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1) Fireclaws bears are a greatly underrated, powerful and uncommon pvp build. I hit at 4fpa, have over 6k life and do 16-19k damage.

The chance of me beating a wwbarb is around 50:50 for me. If i take my time to give myself a proper prebuff than it probably more like 75:25 in my favour. The grief smiters on LADDER are very hard to kill imo. It is possible with a 120 ias war scythe which i use, but they kill me in like 5 unblockable hits. Hammerdins again is about 50:50 but there aren't very good ones around anymore. For versing casters, I switch to wereform for the frw (feral buff) and the extra fhr. I switch to war scythe for the range and put on more resist gear. I usually win versing casters, even bone necros. Of course, I have problem with stackers/absorbers. But the number of people that assume that my attack is physical makes me laugh. e.g hang on i just change my sanctuary for my ss -meanwhile rofl

2) I have never made a physical damage bear. My fireclaws bear certainly doesnt lack life - 6.5k.

3) Both. My fireclaws druid carries around a 110ias/112AR phase and a 120ias warscythe.

4) No.

5) I'm not sure.



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HyDrOcHrOnIcS said:
Alright last question:

Is the "Famine" runeword with a Berserker axe a good runeword for the physical attacking Werebear? I like it because of the high damage percentage added, the elemental and magic damage, and the "ignore targets defence".
Ignore target's defence does not work in pvp.

For the fire pvp wearbear, a 6 os phase blade socketed with 6 shael runes is the best weapon.


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i'm a werebear noob.

can you cast armageddon and/or hurricane in werebear form? i thought you couldnt use any ele skills while in SS but someone mentioned to me yesterday about an idea and i said "hmmm"

just a quick yes or no, thanks ;)

One build that is very viable that nobody has tried yet is quite interesting.

A hunger/shockwave werebear.

Most people just look past hunger, but its interesting to note it is the only uninteruptable druid skill (apart from shifting itself).

By using a 4 frame hunger + high level shockwave, you can put an opponent into an easy stunlock, exactly the same as if they were being hit by 5 wof's with a mind blast. That kind of stunlock.

The problem being it has low physical damage.

So if you ever wanted to try it out, I divised a char that I never made:

20 hunger
20 shockwave
20 werebear
20 lycanthropy

dream helm, dream shield (highest or lowest possible, since lowest means you won't be thrown out of hunger by having to block)
roboblade (4 frame phase blade)
rest of gear whatever (aim for crushing blow)

This would easily dominate any weredruid, or any melee build that is interuptable.
Kind of interesting, eh?