Fist of Heaven Question


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Fist of Heaven Question

Hello, fellow demon slayers.

Which amongst you uses Fist of Heaven?

Is this a good skill for pvp and pvm?

Can a hammerdin also use Fist of Heaven to his advantage?

Do you recommend maxing out the skill, and if so, what synergies would you take advantage of?

Thank you my brothers. May your life and mana spring eternal.


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with proper equipment FoH would do very low or none damage to your opponent in PvP.even , with absorb items it will heal your opponent.
still , its a powerful skill against average and less skilled opponents.but know that someone with a skill above average will own you.
besides synergies you will need max conviction to do %150 more damage.
i find 'lightning' to be much too wrong to take his **** of advice.

FOH and its synergy [holy shock] maxed out can be a DEADLY thing if you use the conviction aura. Lightning was right in that - VERY skilled opponents in 1 vs 1 duels can stack a LOT of lightning resists to negate your conviction - but only 3/50 people go through that trouble. That means the other 47 people you will duel are a piece of CAKE. I have a templar and I have a lot of fun in public duels.

A hammerdin Can use foh to his advantage - but i dont think that those two together is worth the trouble. A melee character with foh as their secondary would be the only secondary option - since they would waste some of their good items to negate your conviction - now the melee would be much more effective.

FOH is very good for PvP except for the few and the proud people who can negate it [most of them need to watch their ego problems]

But for PvM - it isnt that good but if you are leveling to become PvP it isnt too bad.


Lightning was Also wrong in thinking that there are too many skills involved

20 FOH
20 Holy Shock
+25 Conviction [you need to get your conviction to 25, but it doesnt need to be any higher because Conviction is capped at lvl 25 with -150% resists]

Thats at MOST 60 skills to make FOH deadly.

THen you should do

20 Holy shield
Rest smite



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uh.., TGod, Wisp Projx2, and Blackhorn will produce about 70% absorb. Even with conviciton on your opponent, 10% resist and 70% absorb is a lot to overcome. Basically, you need to deal more dmg than opponent's "heal effect" to dmg the opponent.

Example: Opponent has 2000 life, you deal 3000 dmg (purely hypethetical)
3000 dmg*0.9 = 2700 dmg (after resist)
2700 - 2700*0.7 = 810 (afte absorb)
you deal 810 dmg after absorb.

That example is a very rough calculation without much thought, correct me if the math is off.

Say, the oppnent has one-shot kill (hammerdin/charger), you need to fire FoH 3 times to kill him/her while he/she can ignore you and just go straight to throat on u. Keep in mind, he only loses belt, 2 ring, and helm slots. It's possible for others to go for more.


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WvX_Leader sums it best....Templars are very deadly against most people, and yes, only a few people go through the trouble of stacking resist and absorb. Also, I will advise not to make pure Templars, and use a secondary skill as backup.


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I think its a matter of who you are dueling. Sure you might duel some overly invested dude, who set 100 sets of equip, 1 for each person hes dueling. but lets face it, everyone loses duels, and the 47/50 people who do not have godly light absorb and bad mannered slow are going to die.

Foh is also very good in pvm against undead. Sure you would aim for the hbolt side and not the shock, but I fail to see why this means you guys have the right to say it sucks in pvm.

first of all twn, there is a 40% absorb cap so this 70% absorb you speak of is lamezors.

and yes korup you are right about a secondary. notice when i threw my skill choices out there there was a 'rest smite' for those proud 3/50 people who can block foh.


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you might also wanna use charge for putting some ppl on the run, whereas u can foh them.
also foh is deadly even tho u get high res, u are sacrificing lots of good gear, which is deadly if the pala has a secondary skill, eg. smite/charge

also lightning facet jewels, griffons eye and so forth still can be used to reduce ppls res and increase dam even further. templars are very hard to negate unless u have 4 ort armors+4 perf top shield and so forth, but ud be crippling urself alot that way, which might give the templar the advantage.
Im seeing alot of templars these days in pubbie, i dont think anyone has countered them in there, tho my necro does ok against them, but tell me 1 thing :)
Has foh´s auto-target been fixed somehow to a lesser extent? as i can put up my golem and bone walls, and he can still manage to hit me?
hope u guys can clear this up for me.

Hail the mighty paladins :worship: protectors of truth and justice, owners of public duels :lol:
Bleh if you have bone walls, prisons, and other targets - you have to be onscreen for them to get right on you. Skilled templars [as my self] will get you while dodging the spears or w/e.

I have a lvl 6 base smite [more like 20+ after skills] and it works for me as a backup.

Best option for negating foh = 11 lr / 20 life scs.


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What do you have on your smite weapon switch and how much damaged do you do? Since you can't have a high lvl fant, does your smite do enough dmg and hit quickly enough to kill people?