Fishyzon and Lycander's Aim


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Fishyzon and Lycander's Aim

Hello all!

I decided to build a fishyzon since I don't have any vanilla characters to run the WSK and Baal.

I plan on using a Lyncander's Aim with a Shael rune for the bow. My questions are:

1) Is Lyncander's Aim an ok bow for this build? (keeping in mind this is probably the best bow I've found so I don't really have any other options :grin: )

2) Is the shael rune the best choice to socket it with?

3) Can I up the Lycander's Aim? And if so, can I do it after the shael is already in it? I'm thinking of testing the damage before I spend those runes to upgrade.

Thanks for any help.


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1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Yes. Yes. Upping it might not be the best option for this build, but i'll leave to others to give more specific advice on this.


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Unless you plan to give up on the Valkyrie and pump Penetrate instead, upgrading the Lycander's Aim is probably not a good idea. A Fishyzon's AR is not brilliant, and it relies more on the auto-hit features of FA/LF than the physical aspect of it.


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Lycander's Aim will get you through nightmare (though LF will be faster through nightmare if you have titans). Once you stop hitting with lycanders you should switch to a 30%+ wizendraw for more cold damage. Or a +6 bow if you have one. I havn't made my +6 yet, but wizendraw is fine for hell.


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Thanks for all the replies so far peeps


I planned on skipping the Valk, and consequently skipping Dodge, Avoid, Evade. I planned on putting a few pts into Decoy as Mr Fish suggests in his guide.


Is a Wizendraw with the enhanced cold damage > than a Lycander's with the +4 to bow skills?

I'm about 100% positive I don't have a +6 bow.


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I just did a quick check on a calculator for you. Assuming no +skills and 20 each in CA/FA:

Lycander's Aim with +4 to Bow & Xbow
1339-1373 for 20.5 mana per shot

Assuming a monster has 35 cold resist, damage is 0.65 * (1339-1373) = 870-892

Wizendraw with -35% to enemy cold resistance
1054-1088 for 18.5 mana per shot

Assuming a monster has 35 cold resist, damage is 1.00 * (1054-1088) = 1054-1088

Assuming a monster has 0 cold resist, damage is 1.35 * (1054-1088) = 1422-1468 (which is still higher than Lycander's Aim against a 0 cold resist monster)

In addition, Wizendraw will likely fire faster than Lycander's Aim, since it already has an inherent 20% IAS as a mod.


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Lycander's Aim is an average weapon for this build. +3 Amazon bows with runewords will be much better. Upgrading lycander's aim is never a very good idea - compared to other weapons that can be upp'd - and for this build it's an outright waste.

As for the +6 bow... It does not start out as +6, it's a white +3 with a runeword. (both Harmony or Melody have that, iirc)


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I've just Mat'ed a Fishyzon with Lycander's Aim. The bow was OK, I had some +3 bow skills gauntlets in the stash to swap for my +3 jav skills if I needed them, but I never did.

Don't bother upping the bow, as Nightfish himself says in the guide, with the horrible AR you won't hit anything with the physical damage anyway.

Enjoy the build, it's one of my favourite's so far.


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Good stuff.


Thanks for handling the calcs for me. Looks like the Wizendraw will be the best option for me then. I'm fairly certain I have one of those. But I'll have to check my stashes when I'm home from work.


Yeah, I remember reading that in your guide. I don't have the +3 white bow and I'm pretty sure I don't have a Ko rune atm. But without the +3 bow it's a moot point anyway.


I ran across your mat thread after I already posted. I have to check my stashes for resist charms too cause as is, she's going to be in trouble. I foresee a death to a white light of some sorts. I think I'm psychic. I opted to ptopaz my Harley and Skullder's cause I'm a greedy, greedy man. So very, very greedy... y'all get the point. :grin: