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wearethedead said:
can anyone explain a fishymancer to me please?
A fishymancer is Nightfish's skellimancer guide. The main points are max SM, RS, and CE. His guide can be found in the Singe Player Forum in the guides thread.

Oh - this build is devastating. Max CE has a ridiculous radius and will take down crowds of monsters in seconds.


The guide can also be found, linked, in our above stickied guide thread.
The fishymancer obviously has nothing to do with fish. Named after the poster who had first written the guide.

The single player forum simply must embelish upon their charaters so as to make the tedium of playing the same game with the quests, by themselves, over and over again, more interesting. :evil: Hence the nickname.


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Thank you for asking the question

I had been wondering that for weeks, ever since returning to D2 when 1.10 came out, but never when I had time to post the question.

(My best guess was some sort of connection between skeletons and the bones of dead fish. Kind of a reach at best.)


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it also includes a MF setup with lots of Crushing blow and a 4eth 1 sheal phase blade to bring bosses down fast....oh and Single players can play together in IP games so its not so bad being outside of realms...besides we get all that nifty ladder stuff too :D


Ya singleplayer can be cool. 'Single playing' however I found pretty boring and drab, most of the time.

I mean, the mp community, on the spf ,was too small and inconsistent to be worth the trouble for me. I had to go back to plaing on, myself.

The tourneys are pretty cool, from time to time and the ladder is a nice effort. It's just not the same though.

A community off say max at 200-300 or a commmunity of around 2000-3000.

Mainly I just don't much like playing solo for too long anymore. Half this game for me is the social stuffs. I fell lonely playing extened single player now...:hanky:

But enough about me. The "Fishymancer" rocks. It's one of the best builds in 1.10. And it's a very apropriate single player character as well. You can't get too lonley sourrounded by mass minions.;)