Fishymancer boring?


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Fishymancer boring?

I just started a new fishymancer, and was just you find you get bored just sitting there while your skellies kill stuff? I join in the melee of course, but it still takes a decent amount of time to kill anything singleplayer on /players8. Should this be expected? I'm used to playing an assassin, where I'm constantly switching skills.

Will the excitement pick up in a bit or anything? Any opinions?


I have occasionally found my fishy boring but in the end, isn't that gonna happen eventually? Then again I have not reached my end yet so yeah... still fun with me!


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no I'm constantly casting amp or decrep and CE and making sure my army is fully loaded and is doing what I want. I play on bnet but I dunno, I love my fishymancer


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I find summoning necros to be fairly boring... At first it was really cool, but then I got bored with sitting back watching my guys slaughter everything.


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I love my summoner but dont all those hammerdins get bored doin the same thing. every build is repetative so can easyly bored eventually. i like the lazy approach.

I listen to murderdolls -Dawn of the dead while running through the game.


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Poison/Summon Necro. At least i alternate between Amp, Decrip and Lower resist. There is also Poison Nova. :D


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i like my summoner.. i think every build will get boring in the end (atleast if you play too mutch etc..)

good thing in fishymancer is that you can do whole alot of things.. hunt/boost/ubers and so on .. there are so many variety of things to do in this game and fishymancer can basicly do it all.. solo or in a party. only thing you can get bored with is that it might get too easy (atleast with the holy enigma, witch basicly makes things so easy).

sorry about the typos .. there seems to be some sort of error in my spacebar :wink:


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yea,,,i know what ur talking about...but i really luv my summoner...y...i think its bc i dont have to work...i remember one guy saying that hes the ONLY char that u can go afk and still own baal and/or his minions...4 that matter u have pts in amp??? it might just be a matter of to high of a /players setting : /...


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I don’t find summoner boring, mine is fishymancer but also have the ability to go to the front and hit stuff.

When summoning, I use the best gear that gives me level 45 skelly, 47 matery and 44 magi. Pretty cool these skelly basically kill anything in sight. The only time I need to replace them is when iron maiden were casted on them.

After the summoning, normally I swap my gear to be melee (shako > gallium face, marrow walk > gore rider), switch weapon from arm king leoric to passion phase blade, and join the line and hack away.

Generally I find the necro melee mode as effective as 2-3 skelly.