fishymancer and strength


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fishymancer and strength

what is the minimum amount of stats would you place in strength for a necro. the one i'm building is a SP mostly untwinked, with a little twinking fishy purely for MF purposes. just found a homunculus the other night with my Conc barb, so i'll use that, but as far as say enigma, should i go for balrog plate or archon plate? i know nightfish says around 115-156 in strength, but i don't plan on meleeing at all. se far he's at lvl 13 or 14 and has about 50-55 strength already (can't remember atm). i'll try and use the usual MF equip too

this is the only true MF stuff i have as of now:
homunculus w/ um
chance guards
nagelring (1 right now w/ 26%)

remember, i'm gonna try this mostly untwinked, but i will do some. what do you all think?

PS- would it be wise to use a enigma runeword armor the switch to wealth before bosses die, or just straight enigma? thanks