First world problems


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I've made a fana zealot this week so I could finally actually use my grief pb and fortitude ap on char and as far as his gear, he's basically done.

Grief PB (346 damage tho :( )
40 ED jewel'd Guillame
Fortitude AP
Um'd Zakarum
Gore Rider
Dual leech rare ring
LoH gloves

Needed resists maxed with res charms in inventory.

But I got a "problem" with my merc. I equipped him with:


Now the main reason for that setup was mindset of getting off as many decrepifies to help my killing speed but ugh... With my pala gear I basically melt almost everything in hell even on p8 long before my merc has even chance to cast the curse. I really only notice it on pi's which I would skip without him.

Is there any other merc weap that I could actually put to use even with my killing speed? It's hardly needed but I feel unsatisfied with my merc this way atm.


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Infinity might be better depending on your AR situation. But really, if you are killing fast it really doesn't matter.


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If your issue is with your merc being much slower at killing than you are, that can't be helped. The game is not designed in a way that allows a merc to keep up with a well-geared character in killspeed. If your issue is that Decrepify isn't going off as much as you'd like, that can really only be helped by having teleport. It still won't go off as often as you'd like (33% and all that) but having teleport would put the merc more consistently in a place to attack targets near you and would increase the overall number of Decrepified monsters you are attacking.