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this is my first time making a PvP character and im not sure what class to choose. Im sure many of you have experience with which character is most suitable to PvPing. please help me with that character to make.


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Another week, another one of these...

There is NO 1 character/build that can just maul all others without a scratch, every single build can be destroyed by others...

One build's strenght is another build's weakness, and vice-versa...

Ultimately, what PVPer you build, is up to your connection, your "in-game wealth", and your play style...

So, people, please stop posting stuff like this, or if you do please be specific about the above... Thank you.


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generator, please be a little more considerate. Its obvious he is a bit of a pvp noob.

to the original poster: It might be better to take a look at the guides in the various forums and figure out some basic information before you ask what might be best. I suggest a sorc if you are very new. their gear isn't too expensive to be good and they are very competitive. Good luck!