First time playing since D3 came out


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Sad to see all my old accounts got purged ='( but excited to start building up again. I know that a recent patch killed the Iron Maiden curse in Act 3, but what else has changed? Should I still be collecting junk jewels for trading? What do I need to know to get back into it?


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What comes to my mind about changes is that HRs are more likely to drop and Blessed Hammer no longer bypasses magical immunity of undead and demons.

I haven't played and traded on bnet for some time now, but there's certainly still a market for crafting and cubing material, Spirit rune sets etc. Lazy people don't keep junk jewels, pick up flawless gems or don't even bother with crafting or Spirit runes. The lazier somebody is, the more he's willing to pay to avoid tedious tasks.

It pays off more to sell Baal GCs (and those from Diablo and Nihlathak BTW), pgems, junk jewels, crafting runes, Spirit runes etc. rather than to do it yourself and sell the results. Accordingly, it pays off more to buy a 35% Spirit shield than to reroll one, except you would need a lot of time in order to finish the trade. Also sell perfect specimen of useful stuff, some people pay very high prices for them.

I noticed in your sig that you are on non-lader. When starting from scratch, I would definitely play on ladder! You could still switch to NL at a later point, i.e. after a ladder reset.


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heh I can't figure out how to change my sig anymore, that's 10 years old actually -- but my dad and bro both made NL characters that they wanna play together so...maybe when the next ladder reset happens we'll switch to ladder.