First TC87!


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First TC87!

About 40 runs in, a unique diadem dropped. Not only is that one of the ultrarare items, it also spawned with pretty much perfect stats.

Griffon's Eye
Defense: 225
Durability: 19 of 20
Required Level: 76
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0xb73deee7
+175 Defense
25% Faster Cast Rate
+1 to All Skill Levels
+15% to Lightning Skill Damage
-20% to Enemy Lightning Resistance

Got a great map for ancient tunnel runs - the trapdoor is just two teleports away with my Blizzard sorc.

My magezon, LS zon, and CL sorc all are gonna love this item! I'm addicted to these runs now. I started them at lvl 75 and 40 runs later I'm at lvl 85 - great exp and with this drop, incredible drops now.
how can all 3 characters enjoy 1 item?
anyway, congrats on the great find, it is a very rare item (not tyraels might league, but it aint no low quality sash...)


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It might not be Tyrael's, but it's definitely among the most sought-after items in the game. Nice find! (also, no offense, but this post would be best found in either the daily or the item find thread. :D)


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FB, I don't think he can play all three at the same time. :D

Congrads on the nice find. Finally, a sorc that doesn't use Meteor is kicking some tail.


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Very nice find indeed. Now I know nothing about map seeds (I don't touch the things) so someone correct me if (and probably when) I'm wrong, but couldn't you take the map seed and "apply" it to the other characters as well so they all have the same map? Would that work?

Edit: to correct inability to spell!


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Yes, you could do that. Oh, I didn't see the item find thread, sorry.

And for those interested in my build:

1.6k ice blast
3k blizzard
4.7k firewall

Life: 947
Mana: 474
Resists: 66/56/75/26

306% MF - Takes me about 4-6 minutes to do a run on P5, tryin to get my hands on Tal's armor and amulet to speed up my runs and increase my MF by quite a bit

60 str
300 vit
50 nrg

31 (20) Blizzard
31 (20) Ice Blast
30 (20) Firewall
21 (10) Glacial Spike
21 (10) Cold Mastery
12 (5) Firewall

Occulus / Lidless pdiamond - +3 firewall leaf
Vampireskin ptopaz
Shako ptopaz
2x perfect nagelrings
perfect chance guards
Godly MF boots (20% CR, 39% LR, 40% FR, 25% MF, 30% FRW, 25% poison reduce) *** LOVE THESE BOOTS
prismatic +2 cold rare amulet
2x cold charms
1x fire charm (+34 life)


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As Vajar said, it is possible, but it is also considered as cheating by most of us I guess


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LOL, 4 runs later, a +2 valor drops. This must be my lucky day. Its like christmas all over again.

Add baranar's star, 5 runs later.


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Congrats on your cool findings!

Sometimes everyone has that kind of lucky days!



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Congratulations! The bad news is that you will now be compelled to do 'just one more run' all day... :)


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LprMan said:
As Vajar said, it is possible, but it is also considered as cheating by most of us I guess
it's cheating to move good items between characters? how is that cheating but using ATMA to mule isn't?


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So I go to class after doin about 20 runs today, and come back and my first run tal's armor drops. Do insanely lucky streaks like this usually happen? In fact it was the first boss pack and on players 1 (forgot to up the players before I entered).


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and so is born another magic find runner.. welcome to your new addiction and :thumbsup: to your nice finds :uhhuh:


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Onli 'decent' thing iv got from Pindle after about 20+ runs with 275%+ mf is a Dark Adherent Dusk Shroud, for the Disciple Set.. :grrr: