First PvP Cold ES sorc


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First PvP Cold ES sorc

I am currently building my first PvP sorc and was wondering if you guys/girls could give me some input on my gear and skills.

My setup would be

Helm: Nightwing (zod) it's etheral should i get a normal one?
Armour: Ormus 15% cold +3 to ice bolt
Shield: Whistans (um, 2nd is still open and i was thinking of either sur or um)
Boots: Silkweave
Belt: Archnid
Rings: Sojs
Amulet: Tal's
Switch: memory

In my stash i would have life/mana charms with an anni

Now my skills i was planning on

Ice Bolt
Cold Mastery
Energy Shield
Either warmth or teleport

Can anyone give help me a bit with my sorc?




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lets see here, ill answer ur first question here, definatly get a new one, a high nw not eth is not expensive, its just the perfect 15%s are a bit off the top, for the armor i would suggest a coh, i was never a believer in max block, there is absolutly no point in putting res jewel/ums in the shield, es is applied b4 res so its absolutly useless, when your mana is at 0 and with your naturaly low life as an es sorcs, you will die in 1 hit no matter. try a maras as ammy. no wepon? also, it would be best to have cold gcs in your stash and 9 mana/life scs. also, YOU MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST, MAX TELEKINESES, heres why:

quoet from: soepgroente
"Energy shield takes 2 points of mana for every point of life it absorbs. Each point you spend in telekinesis reduces this by 0,0625 point. This means that after 16 points you’re only losing half the mana compared to zero points, or one mana per absorbed life. At 20 points you’re only losing 0,75 mana per absorbed hit point."

I suggest maxing in this order:




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ofcourse getting a normal nw is better since you waste the socket while you could've stuck a cold facet in it. Defense isn't a huge factor for sorcs.


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Yes, max out telekinesis as they say. Also, get you hands on a Death's Fathom, a low one can be bought for about mal, and a semi ist+??...
Forget Whistans, and forget max block.. Only melee chars there's a real thread is Kick assas, and smiter palas, and it will do you no good to have max block in such a situation.
Go for a lidless socketed with a cold facet. Oh, and you might as well get a Skin of the Viper and socket it with a cold facet.. Here's another thing I like to do. I like to socketed my armour with a psn jewel, if melee chars kill you, they have to return to town to get healing, which is especially good in a situation where you get nk'ed, think psn nova + a couple of blizzards :p .

Oh, and do remember do have absorbation gear in your stash. Have 2 x raven and a thundergods Vigor. You may want to go with a couple of Dwarf stars, but if we're talking PvPing against a fire sorc, they'll kill you just as quick.
2x raven works wonders vs. other orb sorcs, and blizzard sorcs. Thudergods probably won't keep you allive that long vs. a well-oiled lightning sorc, but all thoose FoH palas out there: Get ready to get torn apart.

And do have 9-10 cold sk's in your inv. You want thosse 1xxx dmg.


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I play on europe non ladder so I don't know what a DF would cost there. But i will defintly try to get my hands on one.

Otherwise i will have to resort to a hoto 40 resis.

I will try Viperskin witha cold facet.


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Zpliffman said:
Armour: Ormus 15% cold +3 to ice bolt
The +3 ice bolt won't add any damage, as only hard points into synergies will add damage to frozen orb. Get a +3 to teleport or +3 to warmth one, if you can. It would be more helpful.