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First Post

This is my first post on this forum, and I thought that I might as well make it a somewhat halfway decent one ;)

I've been playing D2 on bnet for a while, and after realizing how many dupes/everything else there is on realm play, I thought about starting playing single player.

I wanted to ask all of you single player people...what character do you recommend playing for starting out single player. I know that summon necro is easy untwinked, but...that's no fun, imo. I thought about making like a javazon or a hammerdin, as I've never had either...but I don't know how well they do untwinked.

Thanks for your opinions, in advance :)
*eyes shins*
Welcome! i hope you enjoy your stay and you gain alot of not totally relevent but may someday be useful info!
*puts on boots of extra fast shin kicking*
Anyway, to answer you question i suggest a sorc, possibly meteorb or blizzard.
*checks for any shin guards*
check the sorc forum for guides. the equipment section can be ignored if your untwinked, but the skill setup is pretthy much identical.
Oh, and look, a pigeon!
*points in other direction and while pointytoe is distracted shins kicks him, causing excessive bleeding and 1 broken bone.*


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Your name alone tells your tale. You are obviously a born shin kicker!

*gives pointytoe a rejuv

Now go give FB Hell!

Welcome to the SPF!

- Masher


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ooooo sorry about the shins man, *throws a juvy pot over to pointytoe*
welcome to the SPF !! enjoy your stay here, i know i have...and remeber its kinda like 7/11 in here. the threads may not always be open, but their always doing business.

cheers, C.T.

edit: haha looks like someone beat me to the juvy pass, oh well.


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Welcome! Tell us more about yourself while you enjoy this goodie basket loaded with cookies and squid repellant (I'd put FB repellant in there too, but he's already gotten you and his tourneys and polls are fun) Stop on by the EMB, oh and for your first SP char, I'd suggest a barb, they can do fairly good on self found and great for finding beacuse of 1 simple thing... Find Item.... :drool: double you pleasure double your drops. Look into the ATMA sticky too if you haven't already.


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Welcome :thumbsup:

I hate to admit it but when I first started sp I went with a hammerdin (aka cheeseadin). It seemed to work pretty well (big surprise). Oh and by the way make sure you get ATMA. It is the single greatest thing about playing sp!!! Again welcome!


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thank you for all the warm welcomes(and the rejuvs) :D

I already discovered ATMA, and it was wonderful just for the drop calculator...but now I can use it for what it's really for :)

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Welcome to the SPF. I'd be inclined to go for a lightning zon over a hammerdin as the latter is a bit more finicky to get the hang of. However outside of the two you mentioned Meteorb sorc would be about the best/easiest to Mat and get you some quality gear along the way. Enjoy your stay here.



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Welcome to the SPF! I would start with a character that you know you'd enjoy, If you're a melee type of guy then so a barb and just look at one of the builds that you like in the guides thread. Or if you like ranged so the same. You don't really have to bother with the items for the build, just have fun, and with a little skill you should get a good character up and running.


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Welcome to the SPF:) Necro=no fun...that makes me sad. If you want an easy time then...

Wind Druid
Javazon (although a Titan's wouldn't hurt...)
Traps Assasin

Anything with a minion will make your life a lot easier.


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just about any druid imaginable is nice and untwinkable.
check out the SPF guides for a nice fire/summoner guide by our very own AE


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Welcome aboard this big <insert your favourite type of ship here>.

I'd choose either a barb (any melee build) for the find item skill or a meteorb sorc to start with.


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Welcome, welcome! Glad to have a new oarsman on our little ship of fools. Check the FAQ's and the stickies, and have a nice day.