First Pat/Mat/Guardian Character


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First Pat/Mat/Guardian Character

I was just thinking today that I should focus on gaining a Patriarch or Matriarch as I have never gotten that far before. The only time I have ever been in Hell was Act 2 on BNET during the 1.09 patch a few months ago and thsi was all on classic D2. Anyways who was your first Pat/Mat or Guardian and what kind of build were they?


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My first baron was Nadrok the zealot, concentrate & zeal, that was pretty much it. Got there in my mid 40's, can't remember exact level. After that I've had 28 different Nadrok's heh

My first and only guardian was Nadrok_HC, also a zealot, patch was 1.07 and it was pretty much your average zealot at the time.

First patriarch was Nadrok_XIII...

First baroness was Cassandra, FO/Meteor/CB sorc. Lvl around 50 at the time. First matriarch was Athene, strafeazon in 1.07.
Heres my list of firsts:
Baron ~ Haven't or won't get one.
Baroness ~ Misteeq, Orb/Nova Sorc in 1.09 (Level 50ish when she took out D)
Patriach ~ Tuff, Zealot in 1.09 (Level 73-78, can't remember it was so long ago)
Matriach ~ Elle, LF/GA Zon in 1.09 (Level 74)
Guardian ~ OwA_SlimJim, WW Barb in 1.09 (Level 75ish) <--- B.Net
King (Classic Guardian) ~ Possibly my greatest DII achievement. TEB-Manzanza, Level 67 Zealot in 1.09.



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My first Pat was my namesake, the kinda weak Barb Kaysaar. He was a cookie cutter WW barb, except that he wasn't all that big into warcries, with the exception of BO. He did have one of the coolest D2 weapons though, lightsaber.

*PoTaTo FuI*

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Ahem...I haven't got any Pats or Mats or Gurdians or Barons or whatever in Single Player. But I do have or used to have a few Pats and Mats on BNet. They were all 1.09 SC.

FO/FW sorc
Whirlwind Barb
Cheesy Burito Zons...



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First matriarch: ClawsOfFury - assassin.

First patriarch: SliceAndDice - frenzy barb

First guardian: Still waiting.... :rolleyes:



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First Baron: Thorns Zealot
First Baroness: Spearzon <-(also my first D2 character)
First King: Blood Golem/IM Necro
First Queen: Sorc (I think Orb/Hydra)
First Pat: None
First Mat: Tri-Element Sorc in 1.10 Beta
First Guardian: None


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First Baron: melkpak, zealot concentrate
First Baroness: javazon misteeq
First King: Blood Golem/IM Necro
First Queen: Sorc Frozen orb//nova
First Pat: Jeez, had so many :uhhuh: i'll guess darius back in my old days :) WW lance barb,
First Mat: Cow-a-zon (maxed multishot/LF/Frozen arrow)
First Guardian: guess my overlord Lord_appelsap (summoner necro)

thats about my hisory,although i had SO many pats and mats later, even a few guardians too, i have had 8 of them in total... hm sweeet, 8 guardians :drink:



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hi all i have no pats or mats in SP but when i played on realms i had many i soon got over that lag and that so i joined this little community here and currently have a lvl 21 skelliemancer in HC. :rant:


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I only have two mats, Aerin, tri-sorc and Morwen, hybridzon. Both 1.09, both started as classic, and hence far from perfect.
I still play 1.09, some three projects waiting to be pat'd. And a HC Assassin, who never will make Guardian unless she gets extremely lucky with the items she finds, but that is currently my favourite to play.


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Mine are all in 1.09

First Matriarch: Adriella the FO/FW Sorceress (with a hefty amount of Static Field as well).
First Patriarch: Whaizzzzg the Necromancer. It was a reflective damage build. Thorns merc, fire golem, a couple of skellies and revives, maxed Bone Spear, some CE and curses.

First and only Guardian, and probably my best D2 achievement ever: Bengt the 1.09 Skellimancer/Lord of Mages. NO merc, NO direct damage whatsoever (during his entire career. Not even Attack or Throw was ever used) and NO Revives. Think Sirian´s Skeletorr but with a better golem. Bengt killed Hell Ancients with Fire Golem, Iron Maiden and Bone Wall (the only time he ever used Bone Wall).


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First (and so far only) Matriarch was a Blizzard/Hydra Sorc I built for MFing--she turned out to not be so hot at that, as it happens, but I managed to finish the game with her, so it wasn't all wasted effort! That was in 1.10, by the way. The closest I got to Matriarch in 1.09 was a Magezon (freezing arrow/immolation arrow) who got stuck on the Hell Ancients.


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Hmm, I remember my first Patriach (without cheating) was a Werewolf druid. I jumped right in when the exp pack came out and chose the wolf instead. Oh many a days arguing with Spearthrower (old SPF guy) abt bears and wolves :lol: Too bad I lost him in a harddisk wipe. All my nice equipment(socketed jalan's mane, duriel's shell etc) got lost too.


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Baron/ess/King/Queen: None. My only character to reach Hell pre-LoD couldn't kill anything *sniffle*

Patriarch: Ulfgar the Arctic Druid (from AE's tourney a while back). Got peeved at being killed in Act 1 Normal (%^%&%$ LE boss) so remade him in SC.

Matriarch: None yet, and may never have one (due to my impatience with SC. Retrieving your body is really irritating to me...)

Guardian: Again, still waiting. Closest was a Throwbarb in 1.09 who got one-hit killed by Duriel's Charge attack in Act 2 Hell...


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my first patriarch : a werewolf
20 werewolf
20 lycan
20 fury
20 oak sage
rest in summon
was the best buid in 1.09 in SC without atma

my first guardian : :whistle: as soon as possible


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:scratch: i give up i cant recall my first pat or mat i built to many.

only to stripp them and deleat them and make new ones.

thats why i decided to not make any new chars and focus on the main chars i have.


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My first Pat was a frenzy barb named Caramon. The funny thing was that he didn´t have any combat skills until LoD got released. Couldn´t decide which skill to go with. :p