First HR ever found


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First HR ever found

I was running countess today and did the normal zeal fanat slash n kill business. finished that and to my surprise the little ole girl dropped me a mal rune and a Tkey. that mal is the first HR ive ever found and probably the best thing I've found this ladder season.:cool: sorry if this sounds like gloating but im not used to finding "good stuff" as they say.


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Congrats on the find.

This reminds me of when I found my first HR. A Sur rune...

....10 hours before the last ladder reset >.<

The world of Diablo 2, hates me =( lol.



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That's an awesome find. And considering Mal runes are worth more and more now because people wanna make those secksey Griefs.


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Unless I'm missing something here, HR is considered Vex and up?

Mal is lower than Ist and Gul, which are both lower than Vex...?


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Yeah, but a lot of people are desperate for Mal runes, because it's used for Grief.
I know people ask to trade it 1:1 as a HR.


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It all depends on the realm you are on.

On EU HR = vex+

On USeast and USwest (as I understand) HR = mal+


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On europe, HRs are what you can't get from a lucky hellforge.

That is:
Gul is not a HR
Vex is a semi-HR worth around 1/2 HR before dupes take over.
Ohm is the first HR worth around 6 ists before dupes take over.

All other HRs are usually worth 6 ists too, although they are extremely scarce in the very start of a ladder, and at ladder start HRs are often only traded for other HRs.

EDIT: Sur and Cham don't have as many popular RWs, so their value drop faster than the rest. Usually stops at 4 ists for a while. All before dupes take over.