first ever organ set ^ ^


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first ever organ set ^ ^

yea well, i was getting bored ****less with mfing, so i went to run some keys
enigma is god for doing that
found out nihlathak himself is a pushover, but the tomb vipers and the mgs style dpm frogs are a major pita
so after getting 3 keysets, i made my first red portal
jesus, portal of pain has im knights
i changed to my zon to clear the knights, who promptly died to izual :D
changed back to my pally and smote the crap out of him
did the same for lilith
duriel... it didn't work >.<
i forgot to mule over my grief and cb gear, so i only had death, and I COULDN'T smite him fast enough to kill him
he would always be stuck on that sliver of life and regenerate it back faster than i could kill him
changed to my barb
60% cb 70% double dmg
battlecry, 3 ww, duriel's down, yay

so now.. have a few qns about the ubers
after watching the videos.. i still can't tell where the different ubers spawn haha
and im thinking of bringing my barb in, but my concerns are life leech and that you can't pot during ww
the pally will be a lot simpler because of smite, but i'd hate to end up like duriel, with the last bit of life refusing to go
i have lwz and pb grief, exile, dracs
both of them have max res in hell without prebuffing fade and other all res gear (actually 80/80/80/75 for the pally)

any thoughts on how to make the barb viable? that sounds less cookie cutter than the pally :D


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there are only threads on frenzy barbs vs ubers
and besides, im sharing my joy ^ ^
and hey, you know where the ubers spawn?
cos that'd be a lot more helpful than just saying "lifetap"


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I do, Mephisto is usually the first taken down, he spawns just below the portal and a little to the right. Diablo and Baal spawn in the right bottom and far right somewhere.

Search for Uber Trist on Utube or google video, or heck even these forums. I know for a fact that there are videos already posted.

And sorry about the barb advice, I don't make barbs so I don't venture into the forum there.

Edit: I searched "uber" in the barb forums and found this, took me one second. I also watched vids on googlevideo, and its harder than they make it seem haha. Good luck.


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They all spawn in or near one of the little burning houses, just towards the upper right from Cain.