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First 1.10 titan

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by theBlackKnight, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. theBlackKnight

    theBlackKnight IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    First 1.10 titan

    I am creating a 1.10 titan, and I have a few questions about gear

    I have severeal choices for my weapon

    Reapers toll
    Tomb reaver ( me likey this one best, but only range 4 >_< )
    Ethereal Arriocs needle ( good damage, but I dont have zod >_< )

    Which one would be best?
    A few choices for armor

    Upgraded Gaurdian angel
    templars might
    upgraded shaft
    Enigma dusk shroud

    I hate the slow teleport, i would use enigma for run walk speed, max life, and skills,

    Which armor would be best?

    for helm Im going to use Andariels visage
    rings : raven frost and a 7% carrion wind
    Amu: Atmas scarab ( >_< going to trade for a highlords asap )

    Boots : Ethereal sandstorms
    gloves : either draculs or souldrain

    Will draculs cast life tap with berserk?
    Will life tap let me leech with berserk?
    Should I only put ~400 into str and 150 into vita?

    I only have meager charms, perhaps more of a titan hybrid?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. KaesarSosei

    KaesarSosei IncGamers Member

    Jul 1, 2003
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    I think Tomb Reaver is the best WW weapon short of a BotD.

    Range 4, Bonus to skills (and therefore dmg from WW and Mastery), Resists and even MF! Hard to beat.
  3. Mastashanglang

    Mastashanglang IncGamers Member

    Aug 18, 2005
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    its 1.11 now and theres better armor than what you mentioned. i know you made this post in 01-28-2004, 10:17 AM but let me help you catch up on things. theres a new armor called Fortitude which will give your berserk barb incredible dmg. change your ravens/carrion wind for angelics and your highlords for angelics also. gloves- dracs or rends would work fine, though rends would boost your dmg.
    dracs will still cast life tap with berserk, but since its pure magic dmg, you wont get any life back. barbs need plenty of life these days, so you had better got some charms =P
  4. Omikron8

    Omikron8 IncGamers Member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    All of those armors are bad choices for a titan

    Pvm barbs don't need damage reduction, even if they only have around 2k life with BO

    Guardian Angel doesn't belong on a barb period

    templar's might is barely useful for pvp

    enigma has no resistances and nothing to enhance your combat ability except some extra strength which you will already have plenty of

    the obvious armor choice is duress for pretty good defense + cb + ow + resists, there seriously isn't a better 1.10/1.11 pvm barb armor, yes i know about fort and no i don't believe it is better, the defense on both are comparable and the life + dmg bonus on fort is not worth it compared to 15% CB + 33% OW.

    boots: gores or war travs, sandstorm gives you +vit which is not boosted by BO, +str which you don't need and FHR which you will already get from eg. arreat's + verdungo

    highlords + dual ravens >>>>> angelic combo + raven, for pvm

    titans are EXTREMLY dependent on godly life charms, tons of small or large vitas preferably together with some resist or damage or AR mods

    i personally believe pure titans are just not viable in 1.10/1.11 because

    1) stacking strength really doesn't give you a noticable damage boost with high end weapons if you compare the damage ranges and

    2) monster damage can easily kill you in seconds in hell with a 2 hander if you don't pay constant attention every second to the action going on

    i hope you aren't considering a 2 handed titan zerker because that will be rather....suicidal and will require insane chugging of rejuv potions constantly in every battle no matter how small

    and of course the ideal 2 handed barb weapon will always be ethereal botd GPA :)

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