First 1.10 Patriarch


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First 1.10 Patriarch

I introduce to you JohnMarrow. Skelliemancer. Lvl 85. Skills, pretty much Fishy's guide (7 points into Bone Spirit for the heck of it) Stats, 130 Str, 160 Dex, 180 Vit, Energy Base. Equipment, all easily found and made.

4 PT Armour
3 PT Helm/or +3 summoning circlet
35% MF amulet/or +3 summoning skills (I've gambled a ton of these for each class, sad but I literally throw them away now if they don't have another decent mod, same with circlets)
2 Nagel Rings (24% and 23%, yeah weak, I know)/ Stone of Jordan on switch (I actually forget where I found this sweet puppy but I believe it was off a normal monster)
Chance guards (33%)/ Frostburn on switch
35% Boots o' Luck/ Demonstride on switch
Gull/Wiz spike on switch
Rhyme/The Ward on switch
Upgrade goldwrap
27% Gheeds and various charms, two 5 and a 6,

Grand total 516 MF, which is decent, I guess.
John is my main MF now. I thought my kicker/hybrid took Baal down fast with CB (she has around 80%) and he lasts about a minute. John kills him in less, with a pack of revived Urdars and good ol' Hazade (Might merc, armed with a Hone Sundan, 40% CB). It's like 'Hazade Chop!' and down goes the demon.

Many thanks to Nightfish for his guide, I never would have played a Necro so well without it. If anyone is having trouble with MF, make yourself a skelliemancer and it'll all fall into place. I don't think this is necessarily a great accomplishment, patting this guy (now Guardian is another matter) but I just wanted to let all the poor people out there that there is hope and his name is death.


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Well I used the term switch liberally. I mean when I was out MFing I had the Mfing equip on. If I was questing well I had the other stuff. So far the MF is going well. An Ariocs Needle and Kraken Shell, from good ol' pindle.