Firetrap Kicker Help


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Firetrap Kicker Help

Hi guys, me and one of my friends have been playing around with the idea of a pvp firetrap kicker, just as a build for fun. We were thinking firetraps as opposed to light traps because: Wake of fire has only 2 synergies, so we should have enough skills left over to max out 2 more skills (or almost max out). So heres what I have been thinking:

Helmet: Possibly a dream or shako; maybe a helm with 2 sin skill lvls, fhr, and maybe some sockets to put facets into, if it isn't too expensive (anybody know what these circlets cost?); or a CoA- I've got one already, but I would like to know what else to use if that would be the perfect thing to use (as I don't think my /f could afford it)

Rings + Ammy: Angelics rings

Belt: Either a verdungos or an arachnid

Boots: Shadow Dancers, I don't think we could get good enough triple resist type boots

Gloves: Maybe dracs, but I'm pretty sure trangs

Sheild: Stormshield, spirit, lidless, dream

Armor: This one is hard, I have a few ideas for which to use, but a lot depends. Enigma if I use a SS, spirit, or CoA. Bramble (possibly for the -poison res). Chains of Honor, its a nice equipment, and has pretty good resists.

Weapon: I've been thinking really hard about this, and here are some possiblilities. I think a beast zerker would be best. With that I could hit the 67 ias breakpoint for 2 fps hits (I think...). Also A Hand of Justice seems pretty good but I would have to put that in a pb unless I wanted to use BoS as opposed to fade. Maybe an ebotd, but I'm not too sure about that one... Finally my last idea is a fury, because of its awesome ow.


Wake of Fire, Wake of Inferno, Fire Blast

The last 2 I'm not so sure of:

Fade, I'm pretty sure of, but it depends on my weapons. Burst of speed possibly. I think I heard somewhere that I don't want to have a kick that goes on too long, so should I max out dtalon for its good ar, or should I keep it low so that it has not too many kicks in a series. My final idea was venom, and if I should max that as well.

Thanks for your help .

tmd turka

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Your 2 missing max skills will be Dtalon and Venom. Make sure you invest 1 point into Mind Blast, Dragon Flight, and Shadow Master.

What you might be creating is a very effective stun kicker. To be honest Fire Traps are not about damage but are instead about stunning your opponent. I think you are going to be a little disapointed with your builds performance if you focus on fire Trap damage. I would recomend using it as a compliment and not a means of direct damage.


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Don't max Dtalon, get it to level 23 with all your plus skills. Some people even use level 17 Dtalon. Extra long kick sequences have all kinds of problems.

CoA is a good helm, but you need to get 65 FCR. If you have an ammy with 15+ FCR, use that, or else use a circlet and a FCR ring with arachs and trangs to get the BP.

Good weapons are: Deaths Web, Fleshripper, Wizardspike (all Um'd). Beast is pretty weak imo. Chaos and Fury claws are also nice, and would allow you to use WW against paladins if you wanted.

Don't use a Dream helm or shield, the auras just aren't worth it.

Angelics aren't as good as a good +2sin ammy, FCR ring and Raven.

Good luck!


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if your going to be an effective wof kick build i suggest u reach the 102 fcr bp instead. mass fcr spammability is needed to create a highly effective stunlock. 86 fhr breakpoint is also a useful add on.

some definative gear suggestions

enigma - str and mobility, this is the best armor hands down
trang glove

weapons vary. some good suggestions would be...

hoto - +skills for high trap damage - use w/ bos (good for heavy trapping against melee)
silence pb - fastest kick and trap frames w/ fade (excellent for stacking)
um wizspike - ow, mass res, fcr, and mana - use with bos (great overall weapon)
deaths web
malice or fury claws - look for runic or greater talon

in general angelics would not be needed for your build since your not going to want to kick melee in most situations. i would suggest a maras, rare, or metalgrid ammy w/ ravenfrost(s) combo. this will allow you some other great benefits besides dex and ar.

about every 100wof dmg = 1000ls dmg altho there are diminishing returns for wof effectiveness past a certain point. it is still a very viable option to max all synergies anyway.

also more points into mb will increase the usage of this skill by your shadowmaster and will increase the swirly duration over your opponents head which increases their vulnerability to stunlock.