Firestorm Sorceress

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This is my first build. I’m sure many will have differences in opinions. To those I say, take this build and make it your own. If you think your way is better than by all means I hope you run it better and I congratulate you on finding a more keen build but this is MY preference. I decided to post this build because I had not seen a build for it. There may be some but I couldn’t find one and I’ve never heard of anyone running this. I will have more detailed notes at the end for my choices that make up this build but I. Want to go ahead and lay it all out first so let’s get right into it.

Firestorm Sorceress by TG Flashhy:

Gear: Let’s start with the gear.

Weapon: Breath of the Dying Phase Blade/ Last Wish Phase Blade (Ladder-Only Runeword)
Shield: Phoenix Monarch (Ladder-Only Runeword)
Helm: Kira’s Guardian (Socket 15/40 or Fire Die Facet) / Giant Skull (Socket x2 Fire Die Facets or 15/40s or combo)
Armor: Ebugged Fortitude Sacred Armor
Belt: String of Ears / Verdungos
Boots: Gorerider
Gloves: Dracul’s Vamps
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: (Your Choice - Resistances may need buffing, LL would be great, stats ofc, anything you think you need)
Amulet: Cats Eye / Maras


20 - Warmth (Enchant Syn)
20 - Enchant (Damage Buff)
20 - Fire Mastery (Firestorm Buff)
20 - Shiver Armor (Highest Defensive Bonus)
Put rest here - Energy Shield
1 - Prerequisites


Strength - Enough To Wear Gear
Dexterity - Max Block (75%)
Vitality - Half or Rest Here
Energy - Other Half of Rest Here

Merc Gear:

Act 2 Defensive Aura Merc
Weapon: Infinity Giant Thresher
Helm: Andariels Visage (Socket 15/40)
Armor: Ebugged Fortitude Sacred Armor

Gear Notes:

Weapon: I chose Last Wish initially after trying Grief, Hand if Justice, and Passion Runeword. Grief had great AS but I felt mushy, Hand of Justice seemed cooler for the build idea since it lowers fire resists with some CTCs but the DPS was just not there, then lastly Passion. I figured Passion would be great with the Zeal etc and I was right. It was pretty good but in the end the amount of time it took to kill mobs was just too long. I finally decided that Last Wish had the best DPS plus Life Tap, 70% CB, Prevent Monster Heal, etc. overall I believe it is the best weapon for this build for its DPS and sustain. My second cheaper choice of the bunch is definitely Passion. Finally I tried BotD and it was clear that the DPS was trumping that of Last Wish. Maybe not statistically but there is an obvious difference once tested against mobs. So my final observation is that BoTD is better for DPS and has great sustain but Last Wish has better sustain especially in games with multiple players. If you’re running alone or with less players however I would suggest Last Wish.

Shield: I chose Phoenix for the 40% Firestorm Damage, -28% Enemy Fire Resists, Lv 15 Redemption Aura, 400% ED, and Max Resists plus 50 life. All in all this shield is OP and I don’t understand why it’s not used more amongst Melee Characters. I made mine out of a Monarch but if you can find a 4 socketed Shield with higher block rate I say go for it. The Monarch for a Sorceress is 42% Block so you’re looking at a lot of points into Dexterity. You don’t necessarily have to block Dexterity if you’d like to put those points into vitality or energy.

Helm: I chose Kira’s Guardian Tiara for a number of reasons. I tried Guillames, Giant Skull, Harelquin, etc but landed on Kira’s because I found that the build drastically lacked resistances because my best efforts of making this build a competitively high damaging melee build. I socket it with a 15/40 for faster attack and damage buffs. I like the Cannot be Frozen aspect it gives me more options with my rings instead of relying on Raven Frost. I can run two Blood rings with more stats, life, LL, and Resistances if I need to. However I still prefer one Raven due to added and ATR.

Armor: I chose an Ebugged Fortitude Sacred Armor and I don’t think I have to explain this too much. It’s a pretty staple choice for most melee builds. The main reason I chose the sacred armor is for defensive perfection. It requires 176 strength so if you’d like to run with a Archon Plate or something that might be more practical and reduce the drain on your stat points that you can utilize elsewhere. That’s up to you. Fort = Defense, 300% ED, Life, AR, etc.

Gloves: I chose Dracul’s Grasp because of the LL mostly but they have great defense, str, and 25% Chance Open Wounds also so over all they’re great for this build. I tried Hellmouth at first mostly to appeal to my desire to build a pure Firestorm Sorc but extra 4% wasn’t worth it to the over all build considering the 40% from Pheonix and 5-25% from Torch. Some nice craftys might be a better fit for your preference though. Magefist wouldn’t be too bad of an option for the extra Fire skills Buff.

Belt: I chose String of Ears and before you laugh they have good LL and 15% damage reduction on top of good defense. I started to go with Verdungos and they’re not a bad choice. Also perhaps you’d prefer Arachs for the skill aka damage buff and slow enemies. Either options are viable and won’t alter the build too much either way. I enjoy the LL SoE give me so I’ll stick with them for now.

Boots: I chose Goreriders because they often make the most sense with any melee build. This char is quite slow so the boost to speed helps on top of all the Damaging Chances 15/15/10.

Ring 1: I Chose Raven Frost for the obvious ATR, Dex, CBF, Cold Absorb, and a little Damage that adds in before the ED giving us that much more damage. However if You don’t choose to max block and you go with Kira’s which has CBF then I might would suggest a good set of Blood rings or Bul Kathis Weddign Bands which will add life and Damage.

Ring 2: I chose a rare ring I found called “Eagle Eye” which gives me 95 ATR, 5%Mana Steal, 7% Life Steal, 15 Dex, and Some Random Resistances. However like I said before you can choose whatever you feel is best for what you lack in your build.

Amulet: I chose Cats Eye for the AS, FRW, and Dex plus 100 Defense is great; it’s like having another another piece of armor. If you lack in Resistances and want Skill Damage Buff go with a Maras or maybe a good caster amulet. Whatever your budget allows and preferences suit you.

Weapon 2: I chose Call to Arms for BC and BO.

Shield 2: I chose a Spirit Monarch for the double skills and FCR for CTA.

Inventory Notes:

I chose 9x Fire GCs all of mine have 45 life for over kill. You can get them with 6 Dex instead if you want to save your stat points.

I chose 10x 20 Life/5AR. I suggest getting your Resistances maxed and then use 20 Life/ATR SCs to Buff your Attack Rating a little.

Torch: Mine is perfect but use what you can get.

Annihilus SC: Mine is perfect but use what you can get.

Merc Gear Notes:

Weapon: I chose an Eth Infinity Giant Thresher. I don’t see a lot of people use Giant Threshers and I understand they’re harder to come by and you can’t always get 4 socketed like you can CVs but if you can get your hand on one then I suggest grabbing one. Infinity doesn’t break Fire Immunities BUT it helps. It helps a lot. Use it.

Helm: I chose Andariel’s Visage. You can Ral it. At level 99 your Mercs Fire Resistances will be 60 otherwise even with Fortitudes 30 to AR. If you don’t feel like you need to then I suggest a 15/40 jewel.

Armor: I chose an Ebugged Fortitude Sacred Armor. Reasons obvious. Check why I wear it on my main in the Gear Notes Section above.

How to Play:
The build is fairly simple. I would rate it at a medium difficulty to play from the perspective of a new player.

I usually start by going to Travincal or Frigid Highlands to put in my buffs.
On Side 2 I Hot Key:

F1 - Battle Commands
F2 - Battle Orders
F3 - Shiver Armor
F4 - Energy Shield
F5 - Enchant
F6 - Static Field

I Hot Key and use each before I begin my run. After equipping my buffs I leave it on Static Field for Bosses and Large Groups of Uniques like the Councel and Shank.

After that, it’s basically slash and stab. You use Attack (left click) and Teleport (right click). Teleport to your enemies and left click your massively high damaging Attacks. Firestorm activates after you hit them on it’s own. It’ll do quit a bit of damage.

Overall I’d say this is a fun build. It’s always fun using a melee sorceress. It was the Dream Build that got me to scratching my head for this build. I believe Dream is better and more fun but if you’re more of a Fire Element type of person then you’ll have more fun with this. Alright guys I appreciate you all I hope you try the build. It’s a lot of fun. It’s expensive if you go all out. There are cheaper versions. You can come with those on your own. Pheonix is a requirement and the others are greatly important but if you can’t afford it and you want to build this build then you’ll have to brain storm. Thanks guys! Let me see some positive comments!
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It's a neat idea for a dedicated fire theme and Last Wish sure does come packed with some useful stuff. But I'm so used to trying to proc Enchant as fast as possible when I use it. You've got what? 12 FPA on your swing? 12 seems like it's pushing it on a melee build, albeit not the worst. But it seems like Enchant and the Firestorm proc would be better off with a faster weapon...

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Namtar Valid point and I felt the exact same way which is why I tried Grief first but the DPS was way too low like I explained in the gear notes. Cats eye helps a lot plus the Phase Blade is already a very Fast Attack Speed. I haven’t been able to test the FPS vs SPF but just playing the character in comparison to Dream I would put them so close together in terms of how quickly the mobs fall. Firestorm might be a tad bit under because of the obvious DPS of Shock which if it doesn’t kill a mob after the first it usually always does after the second initiation. Valid point. Thanks for your input. Perhaps BoTD? I could give it a shot and let you know in a comment below. Stay posted :)

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Alright Namtar I did try BoTD and it definitely had better DPS but less sustain. To be honest I think that I liked the BotD more and I think I’m going to change to it as my first option with Last Wish as my second option for sustain preferenced players.


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One nice thing about the dual Dreams + Lightning Mastery approach is that you go through fire immunes easily with massive lightning damage. So you really only need physical damage for leech and for dual immunes. It looks like your gear is set up so that you can pretty comfortably chew through most fire immune mobs using your physical damage, but it could be kinda slow.

That being said, you've got a lot of physical damage and you've got a robust-looking build there with lots of potential fire damage. So you could really dominate non-immune mobs and still fight the ones immune to fire.


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I have constantly needed a decent hydra sorceress and was baffled by its absence of feasibility. I likewise think fire, all in all, gets a portion of the most exceedingly terrible invulnerability bunches in the diversion. Having every single fallen subsidiary be resistant to flame is an enormous snag for anybody first entering hellfire without an optional harm source as they are not avoidable by any stretch of the imagination.


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I have constantly needed a decent hydra sorceress and was baffled by its absence of feasibility.
Hydra is in contention for the best fire skill to use on a tri-element sorc. I used it a lot on a full Tal-Rasha's set tri-element sorc. It's not amazing, but fire is usually the third best damage source for that kind of character anyway. I'd probably be tempted to go with Fire Wall if I were to do it all again. Hydra was nice because it can be used safely from a distance, hits a lot of targets, can reach around corners, does decent damage with no synergies, and can be cast alongside Frozen Orb to fill the screen with bolts.