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skihard said:
Someone asked ‘what makes Fox better than IE’ well I’m not a computer geek or anything but I have been lucky enough to use the IE 7 beta thanks to a Microsoft tech friend and it surprisingly has a lot of the same features as FF. Almost to the point where it looks like they downloaded FF and said “hey we can do that, and ohh that’s nice we can do that also, wow and look at this, this is nice lets at itâ€.
LOL - and this surprised you? You obviously aren't very familiar with Microsoft! Despite their constant claims, what they excel at is acquisition, integration, and advertising - NOT innovation or product development. Chances are good that they simply read through the Firefox code, cutting & pasting what they could use and rewriting only what they had to.

Illegal? Sure. What do they care - it works in their other well-known products. Security through obscurity means never having to say you're sorry. Even if they were found to have conducted massive copyright infringement & so forth (as with pieces of NT/W2K/XP), they have enough legal power to gut anyone bringing the suit as using illegal means to make the discovery.

Plus FireFox is published under the GPL, and although theoretically Windows would have to be open-sourced, the chance of the pro-buono legal folks taking on Microsoft without granite-hard evidence is pretty slim.