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Firefox experts

I have been gone for the last two weeks. Upon arrival back home I soon discovered my brother had rendered my computer almost completely useless. So I am just trying to recover as many files as possible before I reformat the beast.

One of the problems is Firefox won't start up. I have a library of bookmarks I would like to keep. Normally I would just export them and backup that file.

So can anyone tell me a manual way of doing this? Like maybe the location of the bookmarks file itself within the Firefox folder?


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It might be the profile that's corrupted.

So I'll suggest forcing the profile manager to appear.

View properties of a shortcut to Firefox. Change target by adding -p to the end of the line, outside the quotes.

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p

Create a new profile or load the default one if you're already using a non-default one. See if you're screwed there too.

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Thank you so much guys! I managed to get my bookmarks.

I'm not exactly sure what was preventing Firefox from starting. Both Internet explorer and Firefox weren't starting. Among many other internet based applications not working at all. I'm pretty sure my computer is riddled with viruses at this point. My computer won't even let me Alt+Ctrl+Del. It says I don't have administrative privileges, yatta yatta. Among so many other problems. So I'm going to just wipe it clean.