Fireclaw Bearadin


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Fireclaw Bearadin

Im new to the forums and have been wanting to make a fireclaw druid, i know their built for pvp but im building one for pvm and need to know the "naked" stats for one and also some skill help.

Some 1 told me i should try to max some of these:-

Fire claws (obviously)
Molten boulder
Oak sage

Now i know i cant max all of these but can somebody please give me a good idea wot to put my skills into (i want to do some major dmg :p), thx in advance.


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If you want to do major damage then just max Fire Claws and it's synergies...
Unfortunately that's 100 points right there, leaving you with not much to play with. Not to mention you probably won't hit lvl 99 anytime soon...

So maybe max Fireclaws and 3 synergies. Then put some points in Lycanthropy for life, 1 point in Shockwave is very nice for crowd control, 1 point in Heart Of Wolverine/Oak Sage. Don't put points in Werebear since your physical damage won't matter and you probably won't get very much defence. I like to get Grizzly too since he's a nice tank even with only 1 point spent.


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Thx chimaira for the help :)
ye i really dont know why i put bearadin (guess i play my hammerdin to much and got confused :-s)

Thx tho :p :)