fireclaw bear


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fireclaw bear

level 54 fire claws drood, 6 shael phase, 4x facet whale armor, 3x facet atod, shapeshifting ammy, facet jalals, a raven and a soj or something?, wwalks, bfists if i need the fhr or mages if i dont, string. 10x shapeshifters, 9x scs of vita. Enough str/dex for gear/max block and rest vita. 20 fire claw, 1 werebear, 1 oak, 20 lycan, rest synergies OR only 10 lycan and 10 more to synergies. With 10 more to synergies fireclaw would be at roughly 6k dmg, as opposed to only around 4.5k. this is with ideal gear of course. just running the build by the forum to see if anyone and find anything wrong with it...back to my essay.

p.s. does the stone armor bug still work?