Fireclaw Bear Setup?

Fireclaw Bear Setup?

I'm remaking my old fireclaws bear, but since I lost most of his gear due to not perming a mule :( I hafta restart.

From what I remember of the old setup, it should look something like this:

Helm: +4 Cerebus' Bite Shaeled 20 FHR
Ammy: Maras
Weapon: 6-soc Phase blade w/ 110ias (hopefully 4 shaels and 2 15ias/-15 req jewels or 15/15 resists )
Shield: Stormshield (hopefully -15 req/other useful mod jewel, or ber if str allows)
Armor: Enigma of some sort, probably breastplate
Belt: Rare 24 fhr/str/life 24 FHR
Ring 1: Ravenfrost (20 dex)
Ring 2: Rare ring wtih +str/dex
Gloves: Bloodfist 30 FHR
Boots: Eth Treks 20 FHR

Charms: 1x FHR SS GC, 9x Lifer SS GC
1x Anni
9x SC: life/mana/resists

If I'm right thats a 4-frame attack on fireclaws, and a 6-frame FHR breakpoint. Assuming I level to 90, with the majority of my points going into vitality (might not need any into str with all the + str gear, a lil in dex for phase blade), how should I break down my skill setup?

Lvl 90 pts available: 101
Werewolf: 1
Lycanthropy: 1+
Feral Rage: 1
Maul: 1
Fireclaws: 20
Shockwave: 1
Oak Sage: 1+
Synergies: 75-

Should I go all-out damage or add points to lycanthropy/oak sage? I would probably go with about 5-10 points into lycan for a bit more life.

Assuming 65 synergies with a lvl 39 Fireclaw, what area should my damage be in (approximately)?

Thanks for any help I can get :)


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I don't understand why you are making a 0 block build when clearly are aiming for a PvP character. You won't do nearly as well against melee chars as you would with max block. If you are building a firebear solely for fighting casters you might as well drop the stormshield for a phoenix shield(spirit if you can't afford it).

Why not use Jalal's instead of Cerebus? I think your attack rating won't suffer too much from the switch and you'll have better fhr and resists.

As to adding to lycantrophy, if you really are going for almost all to vita then it should boost your life enough to make a difference and spending 5-15 points in it isn't too much.

According to my calculations your fireclaws should look like this:
Attack Rating: +620%
Fire damage: 8294 - 9090 (ø8692.5)


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I'm guessing this build is for you definitely want max dr (or close) and definitely max block (so dont bother with the -req jewels in the phase as you need to put enough dex in for block anyway).

Umm, your fhr is kinda weird. It adds to 106 i believe. The breakpoints are 54(7), 86(6), 152(5). My bear gets to the 86bp and that is enough imo. If you want faster fhr, make a fireclaws wolf :) .

IMO, for versing barbs and pallies you wont have enough AR. I suggest angelic combo. To be more diverse i also suggest you lose the str/dex ring. Although it will give some nice life, it isn't very friendly if you need to use a wisp or dwarf etc.

Best fireclaws weapon is phase blade with 4xshaels and 2 15ias jewels. With the jewels it is your choice - AR or RESIST. And yes, 110ias phaseblade does give a 4fpa attack on bear.

I think that cerebus is a bad idea unless you REALLY need the AR (which you obviously dont otherwise you would use angelic combo). Use jalals - with facet/cham/shael/ber/um whatever... Jalals also helps a tone with the fhr issue as you obviously want to get to the 86 bp.

Enigma: yes. I started off wearing coh on mine but that usually stays in the stash now. People will say you need the resists from coh but enigmas frw makes casters so much easier to verse imo - you can get resist from elsewhere. I only use coh for a couple of duels now such as versing melee/elemental characters - like fireclaws bear :lol: , cs zon, etc.

Gloves: i personally use magefists but bloodfists are also good - depends whether you want damage or fhr/life i guess.

I use eth treks too.

My charms: shapes: 1fhr,9life
3x ar/fhr scs and 6x life/res scs

I strongly advise only one point in oak - it dies too easily.

I went only one point in lycan - i.e max damage route with synergies pumped. I am quite happy with my build but i intent to try a lycan build one day :) . I think the life builds are better at dueling some characters and the damage build is better versing others...i wont go into it now.

I dont know if you really need a point in shockwave? i dont use it maybe someone else does.

Thanks for the replies. First off, I was pretty groggy when i typed this up and had it in my head for some reason that you coulnd't block in wereform. :eek: I also thought that 99 fhr was a bp, maybe that is for non-shifted druids? It's obviously been a while :)

I suppose I should dump the cerebus, I wanted it more for style than funtion, since I will be adding to dex I can lose the dual stats ring. As far as magefists go, it just adds 1 to fireclaws right? I was under the impression that +skills don't work with synergies, so I would prefer the life and FHR I get from bloodfist.

I heard that if you shockwave someone then hit them with a different attack it can stun them much like shockwave does by itself in PvM. If so, this oculd help in some tough melee duels but if not it would be a wasted point. If anyone knows whether or not this works plz lmk.

New setup would look something like:
Wep: 4Shael 2 15ias/15 resist phaseblade
Ammy: Maras
Armor: Nigma
Shield: Stormshield facet/um/ber/- req jewel, etc.
Helm: Jalals facet/um/ber/etc
Ring 1: Ravenfrost
Ring 2: BK?
Belt: Rare
Boots: Eth treks

Same charms, less the FHR one I guess


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yep thats a fine setup

if you dont use verdungo, ber the ss or the jalals.
i still suggest you keep angelics in your stash for dueling barbs/pallies.

i didnt know that about shockwave. ill try it out.

btw, what realm? im USWest LADDER



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I don't think shokewave will stun in pvp. However, in my experience, it puts them into hit recovery, which will allow u to hit them more. I use on my f/c bear and it seems to put them into hit recovery more often..can anyone confirm this???