Fire/Wind Hybrid.


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Fire/Wind Hybrid.

Hello. I know there are guides on the fire elem druid and wind elem druid. I have a wind druid currently, but i think i am going to be making a new elem druid. I want to make a fire/wind elem hybrid. I dont know exactly what skills i will want to max and such, i think i know that i will want to max volcano and fissure, but i dont know what else. Do you guys think i should put just 10 in tornado and one of its synergies, like CA? Same about oak sage, im thinking of one point, but i dont know. Do you think this will be a viable pvp build? One thing to keep in mind, i dont really have access to enigma or hoto or stuff like that, so for items to wear i was thinking: wizard spike, jalal's, magefist, string of ears, vipermagi, ravenfrost, and dwarf star. I havent decided with the boots, maybe marrowalk. Your info will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced!


Edit: Also if i am going to get hurricane, do you think it would be a wise choice to put the extra point into geddon?


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You could max Volcano and Fissure in the fire department.

In the wind Department I would max Hurricane, Tornado and Cyclone Armor.

Perhaps whittling a bit of points off Cyclone Armor to place in Oak Sage.

A good mix of diverse attacks.


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It can be very viable as a pvp build. If you are going the volcano/fissure route, it is an excellent idea as they both synergize each nicely. However, you might consider a few points moulten boulder as it is a nice anti melee and boosts volcanos physical damage very well. As far as the cold tree goes, tornado is kind of a duh, but cold armor or twister...not really sure here. I guess max both, and then either get oak sage or go up and do another wind skill, possibly hurricane? You could go minion less and just do an elemental druid, but it will take a lot of experience to win with him. good luck!



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To get good damage the fireskills require more attention that the wind skills, so you must keep in mind that the majority of your points will go into them.

Wind skills:
Arctic blast is always skipped for a pvp character, although pvm it is very nice.

Twister has good damge on a pure wind druid, but since you want your fire skills to do good damage you can't spend much points in the wind tree. Therefore you keep it at level 1 and only use them from time to time for the stunning effect.

Hurricane is likewise only kept at level 1 since in reality it doesn't do all that much damage even with a pure wind druid. You can increase it to level 5 or 10 for some synergy to tornado and cyclone armor but I would prefer those points in the fire skills.

The best option you have for both damage and durability is a combination of Tornado and Cyclone armor. The best would probably be Tornado 20 and Cyclone Armor 10.
I assume you will have about +15 to elemental skills from gear, which should be about the minimum to aim for, but depending on your gear you can have a whole lot more. If you have 30 points to spend in them you can go:

+15 elemental skills
Tornado 20/cyclone armor 10: 1358-1435, 833 absorb
Tornado 15/cyclone armor 15: 1297-1378, 849 absorb
Tornado 10/cyclone armor 20: 1147-1227, 824 absorb

+20 elemental skills
Tornado 20/cyclone armor 10: 1649-1736, 985 absorb
Tornado 15/cyclone armor 15: 1652-1745, 981 absorb
Tornado 10/cyclone armor 20: 1528-1624, 934 absorb

Note that with +20 elemental skills Tornado 15/Cyclone armor 10 will do: 1358-1435, 849 absorb, which means you can save a few points from the wind skills if you can't get your fire tree to do high enough damage.

Fire Skills:
Firestorm is good for a pure fire druid, but since you're not making that you'd best keep this at either 1 or 5 for some synergy bonus to Fissure and armageddon. At level 5 you can use it from time to time to cast it in front of you and run through it leading your opponents through it as well, but overall fissure will be better for this.

Molten boulder is not going to work for you so keep it at 1 and only use its knockback every now and then. It is nice damage increase for volcano and armageddon but not interesting enough for balance.

Fissure you picked 20
Volcano you picked 20

That only leaves Armageddon. I would at least spend 1 point here, but more if you can. It is important for increasing volcano damage and I would actually recommend it at level 20.

Oak Sage at least 1 point since it's free life and you can recast it easily. It dies relatively fast, but for the time that it is alive you'll have some nice life bonus. When you recast it the lifegain is immediate, so use it well. No oak healing as in 1.09 though. It can also act as a buffer for targeting skills like shift-FoH, thunderstorm, guided arrow, trapdistractions and the likes. Just be careful with rabies infection and lightning fury bolts.

A distribution that will work looks something like:
Firestorm: 1
Molten Boulder: 1
Fissure: 20
Volcano: 20
Armageddon: 20
Arctic Blast: 1
Cyclone armor: 10
Twister: 1
Tornado: 15
Hurricane: 1
Oak Sage: 1
Should be finished around level 80 to 85 including the skill quests

wizard spike: works for me. HotO if you ever find the runes would be an upgrade.

jalal's: It has great mods, but dependant on the rest of your gear you may be better off with a good +2 rare or harlequin's crest for life/mana/DR.

magefist: works for me. 20% fcr, mana regeneration and +1 fire damage. Best you can get I think.

string of ears: Maybe not the best choice, but probably chosen for the DR, which is fine. Chosing belts is always tough.
- Verdungo if you ever get rich.
- A good rare should give you fhr, life, resistance, maybe strength or dexterity bonus.
- Thundergod's vigor gives 20 strength and 20 vitality bonus and a possible lightning resistance to 85%.
- Gloom's Trap gives good mana bonus and regeneration plus 15 vitality. Quite nice if you're lacking mana.
- Credendum gives 10 dexterity, 10 strength and 15% resistance bonus. Not bad all in all.
- Tal's belt gives mana, dexterity and damage to mana.

vipermagi: +1 skills, good for resistance and fuels your fcr. A very good choice. Other choices include:
- Duriel's Shell for strength, life, resistance bonus, decent defense, not to mention cannot be frozen. It could allow interesting rings rather than raven frost.
- Stealth for faster run, faster cast rate, faster hit recovery, some dexterity bonus, poison resist and 10 energy. Highly overlooked.
- Lion Heart for many statbonuses, life and resistances. Highly overlooked as well.
- Spirit forge for life, 15 strength increase and 2 open sockets.
- Atma's Wail for fhr, life replenishment mana bonus, 15 dexterity, decent defense.

ravenfrost: certainly, but you can change it to rare rings if you have cannot be frozen from another source. A dexterity bonus of nearly equal amount can be found on rare rings.

dwarf star.... not something I would pick but I suppose it has nice fire absorb, some magic damage reduction and life bonus. Bul Kathos or a Stone of Jordan would be very nice for +1 skill bonus.

Shield choice would be Stormshield I presume? Mosers or Whitstan's are always nice choices too and Black Oak Luna has some use as well.

Either go for 68% faster cast rate or 99% faster cast rate.
Faster Hit Recovery of 56% or 86%.
Faster block rate of 32% or 52%.


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Thanks a lot for all the great information, it will really help me. Now that you mention some of the gear, im trying to decide what i want to wear now. I will probably go either vipermagi or duriels, maybe even stealth. The belt may be a tough choice but i think i can decide. As far as boots goes, do you think i should get marrowwalks for the bone prison?


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This is just from my experiences in Single Player Hell, Poison Creeper is well worth a point. It was almost necessary to prevent monster regeneration and if it was cast away from strong monsters, it could survive long enough to poison an enemy


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Poison Creeper sounds pretty good for pvm, although i think i will be doing pvp mostly, i just dont find pvm as fun. Does Poison Creeper do well in pvp at all? I also have another question, Do you guys think it would be wise to get str to 75 early on, so i could have good gear at beginning, and this would also be a good place to leave str at higher lvls, unless i need more for ss? Thanks agian



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I'vr got a lvl 91 Druid with much the same gear as you have. He can solo players 8 pit runs with full MF stuff, and is a hoot to play with...


Put 5-10 points in
Cyclone Armour

And for synergies
5-10 in Volcano and Twister

Enjoy this Druid, I call him the Auruid