Fire sorc


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Fire sorc

I can't seem to find a pure fire sorc guide.
can any link me? (tried looking for 10 min)


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Re: Fire sorc

I wouldn't suggest you go for meteorb. I've never been fond of dual-tree sorcs. Why make yourself weaker just because of some immunes? anyway the only fire sorc guide I've found is a pvp guide, so I'll give you my opinions:
1 in teleport, warmth, static field, frozen armor and shiver armor if you think it's better than frozen.
Max fire ball, fire bolt, meteor and fire mastery. Dump rest into inferno (to synergize meteor), or hydra. i wouldn't recommend es since unless you spend lots of skill points and equipment spots on it, it will only drag you down. 1 in prereqs ofc

Helm: Volcanic circlet of the magus/whale/life everlasting with 2 sockets that have a perfect fire facet each inside. An alternative would be a rare circlet with +2 to sorc skills, 20 fcr, 2 sockets and resists/life/damage reduction. I would recommend the first one. I wouldn't take shako since it only gives 2 to fire skills, and no fcr and only 1 socket.
Weapon: Hoto flail or an escuchas temper with a fire facet. A volcanic orb of the magus with +3 to fire mastery and fire ball and 2 sockets might be an option. I don't like hoto since it can't have a socket.
Shield: spirit monarch. Wonder how good it would be with a 4 facet monarch though
Amor: Fireball Ormus or coh
Rings: Ravenfrost and either a soj or a rare ring with fcr and resists
Belt: Arachs
Gloves: Magefist
Boots: Treks or rare ones with resists/life
Switch: cta
Inventory: Burning grand charms of balance/vita and small charms with resists and life

You should aim for either 105 fcr or 200 fcr. I haven't counted, but if you have too much/too little adjust your equipment so you exactly reach the desired breakpoint. For exmaple, if you get 125 fcr, you may swap your valcanic circlet of the magus to a volcanic circlet of the whale/life everlasting

Str: The base number is 116 for ormus users and 96 for coh users. The number can then drop depending on how much str you get from your rare gear. Always count all your equipment as perfect though, since you may eventually get it. Use str charms in the meantime.
Dex: Spirits aren't good for blocking. Nothing here
Vit: the rest
Energy: Nothing

Merc: Act 2 defensive merc with infinity