Fire Sorc Questions


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Fire Sorc Questions

Hi, Im making a 200fcr fire sorc.
I will use;
2fire 20fcr
17fcr ammy
2 fcr rings
mage fists

First of all, what skills do I max? What do I put one point in?

I am going to do pvp and pvm. What skills do I use?

Should I put points in energy shield? If so do I put all points in energy instead of vita? Would this be a good idea to do if im going to pvp and pvm?

Thanks, any suggestions would be helpful.


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I don't think you can PvM with this build very well. Reguardless of ES or not, you'll only have one tree to attack with. There's just too many immunes in hell (even with infininty merc and a lower resist wand). It could work well in a group, but not solo.

Check out the PvP guide in the library. I don't the author recommends ES though.