fire sorc mf?


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fire sorc mf?

hey i was thinkin of making a fire sorc tell me what u guys think...
20 firebolt
20 fireball (main skill)
20 meteor
20 fire mastery
some pre reqs
1 tele
as much as possible in Warmth

5/5 fire facet Shako
5/5 +3/35+ fire fathom/spirit kite shield with 30%+ fcr
Switch:6 Ist crystal sword/4 ist kite shield
2x soj
5/5 fire facet ormus w/ +3 fireball
war travs
7x fireskill charm
7x 5resist all charms

...with this build i can get an insane amount of fire damage from fireball and meteor, the 105 fcr breakpoint, pretty good resists, nasty mf (400+ with switch) and low points in str/dex/energy so i can pump Vit

with a act2 holy freeze merc w/ infinity polearm, vamp and shaftstop i would have insane killing power (conviction) with kick ass mf on switch and a good tank in my merc...what do u guys think?


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Looks pretty sweet! I prefer dual elements for a bit more versatility but I don't have Infinity:) Since you can obviously afford it, put an Um in your Shaftstop or Gaze to give your merc max resists.

Maybe get a point in Static Field to help against bosses.

Epsilon Eyez

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I've been using a Fire sorc to MF and its been really good. I don't have the crazy gear like you list here, but I still kill pretty fast. The only trouble is Countess (I depend on my merc) since shes immune and many times, a lot of other bosses get random Fire immunity, like Eldritch, Pindle, Mephisto's Council, etc. Not as much as you'd think, but its still annoying.


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I would load up on mf get into the 600 at least and hit Hell Andy over and over it might take patcients and I havn't done it myself, but my friend loaded up his sorc with at least 800 mf and killed hell andy and in of a course about 3 weeks he had 2 sojs and multiples of every good uniq she can drop.


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hmm thanks guys im pretty rich but the 10 ists on weapon switch is going to def set me back a lot :rolleyes: but i really like this build because of the very high killing capability paired with a good MF% and good chance of survival. Although obviously a dual tree sorc would fair better for lvling in hell, i think boss running with this sorc will go much quicker


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ahh damn i knew somethin was wrong when i read that, lol. i guess the best second choice would be eschutas then with a 5/-5?

with that i would have +50% fire damage and -15% enemy resists combined with all my other equip and facets...combined with a lvl 41 fully synergized fireball doing an average 16k already (according to, i would be doing some major damage (not to mention my mercs conviction aura) and with some nice mf on switch, thanks for the help guys