Fire Mf sorc


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Fire Mf sorc

Contrary to what every1 says, i think a fire sorc is a viable build, especially if your getting started and dont have help. So what you need is an easy to find gear

The synergies alone give you a good dmg. So your gear can be turned to boosting your mf. This means that your wasting less time and hrs on getting ur mf set (after all, mfing is supposed to make you rich. If its expensive, its not worth it). To cover for the lack of protection offered by limited gear, es is a good choice.

What I have on my sorc (and with it do meph hell in under 3 min)
> skullders with ptopaz (add socket at act 5... maybe hard to find)
> occy (its a bit expensive, but u have use this for pvm as well)
> Nagelrings (find at nm andy)
> magic 35%mf boots (buy off npc)
> chancies (nrm meph)
> goldwrap (not sure, but i think nrm meph might drop)
> tarnhelm (73% mf with topaz) (norm meph)
> gheed's (which i found mfing)
> magic ammy with 35% mf (not that hard to find)
> 'shaeleleth' grimshield (easy runeword)

There, over 400mf and cheap, and allows quick mephisto... wat else do u want? plus, with the items u pick u create gear for a lite pvm sorc...

max the 3 main fire skills + mastery (80 pts) + 6-10 to es + 1 to static field


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Why not add magic find charms and magic find equipments to mercenary? Then that would add at least a 300 boost.


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IMO, a fire sorc is basically a metorb sorc. I recently made one because of all the talk about Meteorbs being the basic sorc mf build. Mine is currently level 75 (and has pretty decent gear) and I'm not seeing it. Too many fire immune monsters in places that you'd MF means that you wind up using a weak frozen orb in a LOT of places which is pretty tedious.

On the other hand, my fishymancer kill rate as a magic finder is much faster than my sorc and the technique is like falling off a log.

I'm sorry - I didn't intend to troll. Maybe someone will post something useful that's helpful to me too. :)


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I have a 85 sorc thats fire build, maxed meteor, firebolt, fireball, fire mastery, and put points obviously into es, sf, froz armor, and their prereq's. I have no problem whatsoever mf'ing, and I dont have that good gear, I use spectral shard along with lidless for my fcr to tele down to meph, i rarely die, and i have no problem pinning meph at the stairs or even in the circle next to the portal. its not expensive at all, especially since most of the items that you need to start mf'ing can be found on nm meph or baal, which if your around lvl 70 shouldnt be hard at all, if it is...well its time to make a different char. a fire sorc isnt a meteororb sorc at all, especially since the synergies are maxed out and the dmg done by fb and met are highly increased, most of the time the council members next to meph are lightning immune only, and sometimes you get the occasional fire immune, but all you have to do is kite him back to the other side, a few quick tele's and theyre on the other side and your alone with meph, its as simple as that.

just like you said, if you start off and have no help, fire build is great, the more dmg the quicker you kill(obviously) and if you run into fire immunes in lvl 3 just kite them away

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I just restarted after a long WoW sabbatical. I play SP with ATMA (a muling program), but lost all my stashes to a HDD failure some time ago.

Obviously I restarted from scratch.

The easiest way to MF from scratch is with a Skelliemancer. Resists FCR and FHR are not as important to him as the majority of builds as he has a massive meat shield in the form of skellies and revives and his merc.

However, it's damn slow and I would not advise running Meph for longer than you have to. Pit running can be a bore as the paths can get blocked too. Without a teleport ammy you have to run about a lot. Also my might merc takes ages to turn his aura on occasionally.

Once you have got a few decent items you can roll a Pit-strafer or a Sorc to MF. I have just rolled a Blizzrd Sorc to run Hell Meph and Pindle (I'll keep using my Necro for Hell WSK and Baal).

So far she has just got to Act III NM and shoudl get to NM Meph tonight. I'll run him for a while.

I will be using a Wand of Lower Resist (lvl 2) on switch to deal with any cold immunes. I suspect you could do the same with Fire Immunes for your build.

Mine was a rare drop from Hell Pindle (lvl 49 req), but I am sure you could shop for a blue one in Hell.

According to Arreat Summit you can get LR charges on:
Head ilvl36, Daggers ilvl36, Wands ilvl36, Staves ilvl72

The higher the item lvl the better the chance for a higher lvl of Lower resist to a max of lvl 3 LR with ilvl 99 (a Hell Baal drop).

Lvl 1 will be good enough to be honest.

I'd kill for a Tiara or Diadem with +3 cold skills, MF, Lower resist charges and 3 open sockets!